Easter Quilt Progress

Morning guys! I've been madly sewing my HST Easter quilt and I'm eager to give you a glimpse of my progress - its going to be finished in plenty of time for Easter YAY!
Simple blocks and pretty fabrics have made this such a fun quilt to work on and it's come together very quickly. I rarely work on projects without taking extensive notes for pattern writing etc. so this quilt has been a real treat for me :)

My original plan was to sew 100 5" HST's but I decided to make it a little larger and I sewed 144 to give me a 12 x 12 layout (or a 60" square) quilt.
I was sewing four HST's at a time so it didn't take long to reach my target. I do love this method because it reduces the time spent at the cutting table and at the sewing machine, and you can make a quilt top very quickly. If you missed my HST tutorial the other day, you can find it HERE.

Trimming them up was a little time consuming but I popped on a few episodes of the Gilmore Girls to make the task more enjoyable - these girls make everything fun, right?
Laying them out was a bit of a challenge because there was only eight different prints to spread randomly over the quilt top. I didn't over think it and went with a layout that was pleasing to me. I did send a photo to Maddi to see what she thought and she loved it so much that the quilt is now going to live at her house ;) Secretly I love that she loves what I sew...and steals it!

One of my favorite jobs is sewing blocks together - is it weird that I find it therapeutic? Enclosing all those raw edges into crisp seams makes me happy, and you can finally see your quilt come to life.
The pretty prints really shine in the large triangles and I'm so glad I resisted the urge cut the fabrics into a million pieces and make it more complicated. I'd envisioned a soft, sweet quilt and that's exactly what I ended up with. :)

I basted the quilt last night so today I can start the quilting. YAY! Hopefully I'll have it finished and photographed over the weekend so stay tuned for another update early next week :)
Are you making a quilt for Easter? I'd love to hear. :)
Happy quilting :)


  1. Loving the soft pastel colour palette of your new quilt.

    1. Its very pretty Anorina, perfect for Easter. Such a pity I didn't have a few extra prints to give it some more variation but I'm loving how its looking so far :)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks Susan :) I started quilting it yesterday and its looking so cuddly :)

  3. I love this! So simple but gorgeous. You have inspired me to use up two charm packs I have from different Fig Tree lines.

    1. It is a simple design but it would look stunning in Fig Tree 😍 have fun!


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