Week Ending (August 11)

Happy Sunday guys! Its been a busy week in the sewing room. I've made some decent progress on the wedding quilt which makes me happy.  I've been pushing EQ8 to the limit with this quilt, and I'm so pleased I don't have to write it into a pattern. ;) Its looking so good though! I can't wait to show you!

I also spent way too much time looking at other peoples projects but that spurs me on when I'm doing a large project. Here's seven of my favorites:

  • I'm loving this Easy Crochet Wall Hanging from BHooked. Its simple but its super pretty and would look great as a piece of decor. There's a tutorial plus videos to help you make your own and it would be a great quick finish or beginner project. Love it!
  •  Leah Day, the Queen of Free Motion Quilting is writing a book called Goddess Quilts: Journey Into Light and Love Through Art Quilting. This isn't a how to book, its Leah's story and I can't wait to read it. You can sign up for her email to be notified when pre orders are being taken.
  • My must try recipe this week is this Sweet Potato Impossible Pie. I'm a huge sweet potato fan and this looks yummy. This will be perfect for the nights I could meat for the boys - I'm not a fan of meat!

  • Do you love camping? You're going to adore this Cute Campers Quilt then. This is a free pattern and there's a video tutorial from Jenny at Missouri Star to help you out. Yes this quilt takes camping to a whole new level and it is pretty darn cute!
  • Something a little different this week - Martha Stewart gives her tips for Saving Flower Seeds for Next Years Garden. She gives you lots of tips and tricks to collect your own seeds and its something I've never done but I can see why it would be so satisfying. I'm filing this for summer and I'm looking forward to enjoying even more garden time collecting my own seeds.
  • This Big Braided Rug from Sew She Can is a great stash busting project and mats like these are so popular these days. I like the simple look of this one and the texture would be stimulating to the feet. A fun project to make with the kids!

  • And lastly, I've found my next crochet project (after I finish a couple of others). The Honeybee Hexagons Blanket is from The Cherry Heart blog and its so pretty. Its a free pattern with a chart if that's more helpful for you and its looks pretty easy. I haven't crocheted hexagons before so this should be fun, and damn I'll have to buy some new yarn - oh the hardship! ;)

And that's it for another week. Don't forget Thursday August 15 is Granny Square Day. Upload a cropped photo of your granny square (so it fills the photo square) to Instagram and use the hashtag #grannysquareday2019 to add your square to the huge virtual blanket. So fun!

Next week on the blog I have a step by step tutorial for the Sawtooth Star in my Classic Quilt Blocks series and I'm sharing my tips for teaching kids to sew. Another fun week!

Enjoy the rest of your Sunday :)

Happy Week Ending :)

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