No Bake Ginger and Caramel Slice

As much as I love spending time in the kitchen baking up some wonderful creation or another, I also enjoy the occasional no bake recipe that doesn't require turning on the oven. I have a recipe today that is an old favorite of mine and it's one of those slices that truly makes your heart happy!

It's super quick and easy and it combines two gorgeous flavours, it's the No Bake Ginger and Caramel Slice:

I'm a huge ginger fan and this no bake slice certainly satisfies my craving. I love the warm, spicy, almost woody flavor of ginger and combined with that sticky sweet caramel this slice is pure heaven - it's hard to stop at just one piece.

The aroma of the ginger is intoxicating, making this slice very popular at parties or get togethers and no one needs to know how easy it is to make - let them believe you're a culinary genius! ;)

You only need to gather four simple ingredients and most of them you'll have in your pantry or you can pick them up at your next supermarket trip.

Not everyone is a fan of ginger, so consider substituting the Ginger Nut biscuits required for the base with something different like Chocolate Ripple or Butternut Snap biscuits - the results will be the same just a more crowd-pleasing taste.

I like to make this slice the day before I need it, but it's so easy and you can whip one up in as little as three hours (2 1/2 hours of that time is refrigeration) leaving you plenty of time to attend to other things like setting a pretty table.

I make the base and while that's firming up in the fridge, I start on the caramel topping. I like it to be thickened, slightly cooled and ready to pour when the base comes out of the fridge (30 minutes) and this cuts the prep time down a little.

The slice is made in a 20cm (8") square cake pan and you can either cut it into sixteen smaller bite sized slices or nine larger slices like I do - I mean if you're going to eat something naughty make it count right?

The slice stores well in the fridge for 3 - 4 days if it's in an airtight container, but it's very popular and barely lasts that long ;)

Baking doesn't need to be complicated and a no bake style recipe is such an easy way to serve a tasty treat for any occasion - plus you have more time for sewing. :)

If you would like to make my No Bake Ginger and Caramel Slice simply click on the link to download the recipe card or right click on the photo below and save to your computer.

I hope you enjoy this No Bake Ginger and Caramel Slice. Serve it at your next family get together, share it with your sewing buddies or have a a slice with your morning coffee. Enjoy it anyway you want, just be sure you add this recipe to your must try list.

Happy baking :)
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  1. thankyou for this recipe,i cant wait to try it xx

    1. I hope you enjoy it Sheryl. I love it with the Chocolate Ripple biscuits too but the ginger is my favorite :)


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