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Hey book buddies! It's nice to know that so many of you are book lovers as well. I think it's an extension of our creativity - we love losing ourselves in the colourful and imaginary worlds created by others.

People generously share book recommendations, so thank you for the emails you've sent or the comments you've left. I've found some of the books you've suggested and I'm hunting down the rest.

Time was very limited last month, but I read three fantastic books bringing my Goodreads Reading Challenge total to 45/50 (soooo close!). Here's my thoughts on each book.

The Ex - Nicola Moriarty

This is Nicola's latest book and I just love these Moriarty sisters (they can write an awesome book I tell ya). I did guess the plot twist very early in this book, but I still enjoyed how the story unfolded. It's referred to as a psychological thriller which is a bit of a stretch, but it definitely keeps you engrossed.

Georgia is looking for love and when a Tinder date stands her up, she meets Luke. He's charismatic, sensitive and caring, but he lives with his ex girlfriend Cadence - red flag number one Georgia. ;) Then the stalking begins, leaving Georgia afraid, angry and vulnerable.

Nicola explores the baggage left behind from past relationships, the true depth of people's revenge and highlights how not everything is not as black and white as it seems.

A great read and a solid four stars!

Shelter In Place - Nora Roberts

This was my first Nora Roberts book and I was engulfed from the very first page. Nora writes about a mass shooting in a shopping centre, and the physical and emotional aftermath of survivors and their families. She also takes us into the mind of a chilling serial killer who plans to finish off what was started on that gruesome day, by targeting the survivors.

I loved all the characters but I really enjoyed the romance between Reed and Simone, they are hands down my favorite book couple for 2019! Tragedy may have pushed their paths together, but they have some really gorgeous moments that warm your heart and make you smile.

Very well written, totally engrossing and a definite five star!

Still Alice - Lisa Genova

This was my favorite book of the month and not because it was entertaining, but because it dealt with a subject that resonated with me. Both of my grandmother's had dementia, and this was the first book I'd read about this cruel disease from the sufferer's perspective.

In the beginning, Alice was aware her memory was faltering and there were internal struggles and fear and confusion, but as the disease progressed she slowly and simply forgot that she was forgetting. That offers a little comfort to families of dementia sufferers.

This quote sums it up perfectly:

"My yesterdays are disappearing, and my tomorrows are uncertain, so what do I live for? I live for each day. I live in the moment. Some tomorrow soon, I'll forget that I stood before you and gave this speech. But just because I'll forget it some tomorrow doesn't mean that I didn't live every second of it today. I will forget today, but that doesn't mean that today didn't matter." - Alice

I had planned on watching the movie adaptation, but this book left me emotional. Eloquently written, powerful, heartbreaking and unforgettable. Five Stars (x 2)!

And that's my reading list for October. I hope you read some wonderful books as well - let me know some of your favorites.

Has anyone read The Eighth Life by Nino Haratischvili yet? I bought a copy the other day and its a massive read, but it sounds amazing. I'm eager to hear people thoughts.

Happy reading book buddies :)
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  1. I absolutely loved Still Alice, the film not so much as they changed a few things I am very strict about keeping to a book. x

  2. I really enjoyed Still Alice ... Such a difficult thing that so many are going through. It's a reminder to us that "Alice" still lives in that body and her past is for us to remember when she's "gone." I have read liane Moriarty and have enjoyed her. Also, I thoroughly enjoy Louise Penny and Inspector Gramache books ... Start from Still Live and on and on. Her characters and Three Pines are Memorable!! Thank you for sharing~~

    1. So true Rosemary. Even though it was an emotional read, I'm so glad I did read it. Thanks for the recommendation - I'll check those books out. I don't mind a good mystery :)


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