{Classic Quilt Blocks} Friendship Star - Seeing Double

Classic Quilt Blocks have been sewn for centuries, are easy to recognise and are every quilters favorite. Let's celebrate these gorgeous blocks and add them to our quilting projects!

It's the final week of my Friendship Star Classic Quilt Blocks series and I like to do something fun in this last post, to celebrate the block and inspire you to use it more often in your quilting projects.

We've looked at the block's history, it's design and colour values, variations of the block and we've sewn one in my step by step tutorial. It's such a pretty block and I think you'll agree the only thing better than one Friendship Star, is two. Let me introduce Seeing Double:

Awww, how sweet is that? Seeing Double incorporates two Friendship Star blocks in one little mini quilt. The centre star is the block in its most basic and traditional form, and I've surrounded it with a larger star made entirely of HST units.

The mini quilt is traditionally pieced and I did lose a few points on mine because I was speed sewing to get this ready for you - my advice, take your time, sew slowly and you'll be fine :) It's not hard to sew, but you do need to concentrate and not leave things till the last minute like I did! ;)

Seeing Double finishes at around 12" square and it makes a striking mini quilt, but you could also use the pattern to make a larger quilt or as the centre of a medallion quilt. There are so many uses for these mini quilt patterns and I love seeing how creative people are with my patterns.

The PDF pattern includes full step by step instructions and diagrams and I've included a colouring sheet to assist you in planning your colours and fabrics prior to sewing. There are also optional instructions for adding a quilt hanger or corner pockets so you can display your quilt on your mini wall.

I selected a simple colour palette for my mini quilt but imagine those star points in a colourful mix of scrappy fabrics - this pattern would be great for any of your leftover HST units. Get creative and give your mini a whole different look!

Even though I was rushing to get this sewn, I did enjoy making this mini quilt. It's simple and fun and since we've been talking about friends all month, it's a lovely gift idea to give to your sewing buddies. With everything that going on in the world right now, you might brighten someone's day by popping one of these mini quilts in the mail to show you're thinking of them.

If you would like to sew your own version of my Seeing Double Mini Quilt, PDF patterns are now available in my Etsy shop for the small price of $1.99 (AU) + taxes where applicable. Simply click on the link to grab your copy:

I hope you enjoy this mini quilt pattern. I think Seeing Double is a fun way to end the month long celebration of the Friendship Star block, and I hope you enjoy sewing it too.

I've enjoyed putting together these Classic Quilt Blocks posts and I have another block ready for next month. This block is going to be fun and I'm working on some new ways to share this one with you. The first post should go live on Friday April 3, 2020, but forgive me if I'm a little late as we're adjusting to our new normal life with everyone working from home. :)

Stay safe and healthy my friends!

Happy quilting :)
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