{Classic Quilt Blocks} Jacobs Ladder - A Fun Mini Quilt To Sew!

Classic Quilt Blocks have been sewn for centuries, are easy to recognise and are every quilters favorite. Let's celebrate these gorgeous blocks and add them to our quilting projects!

It's the final week of my Jacobs Ladder Classic Quilt Blocks series and you know I always like to do something fun on the last post, so today we're sewing a mini quilt. I've put together a mini that highlights the beauty of this block and illustrates how it creates links or chains in a traditional layout.

This is a super simple quilt to make and its basically four Jacobs Ladder blocks, some sashings and cornerstones, and that's it! Let's take a look:

Isn't it pretty? The first thing you'll notice is I've used two fabrics for the four patch units in the Jacobs Ladder blocks and the cornerstones, to create two chains. I love how the blocks link together and the secondary centre pattern the blocks create.

The mini quilt finishes at around 15" square and you can adjust the block size using the Jacobs Ladder Cutting Chart from my tutorial, but you will have to adjust the sashing and cornerstone size as well to keep the chain consistent.

Whether you go scrappy, use one colour or add your own twist, you'll create a stunning mini quilt using this layout. I've put together a colouring sheet so you can get creative. Simply click on the link to download and print:

Once you've chosen your colour/fabric palette it's time to sew. You'll need four 6" (finished) Jacobs Ladder blocks and all the cutting requirements and block construction can be found in my step by step tutorial

I chose two fabrics for the HST units, and I like the balance. Again, go scrappy or use one fabric for all four - it's fun to play and chose different combinations!

You'll also need sashing and cornerstones to put the quilt top together. Here's what you'll need:

  • 12 x 1 1/2" x 6 1/2" sashing strips
  • 5 x 1 1/2" red squares
  • 4 x 1 1/2" dark grey squares

Once you have your four Jacobs Ladder blocks sewn and your sashings and cornerstones cut, arrange the units into five rows as follows:

  • Sew the units together into the five rows and press the seams towards the sashing for nesting.
  • Carefully matching all seams, sew the five rows together pressing the long seams open, to complete your quilt top which should measure 15 1/2" square.
  • Press your quilt top well, in preparation for basting and quilting.

To finish your mini quilt you'll also need:

  • 19" (49cm) square backing and wadding
  • 1/8" yard (15cm) binding fabric
  • quilting cotton and supplies

  • Lay the backing fabric wrong side up on a flat surface and tape into position to secure. Lay the wadding on top, smoothing out any wrinkles and lay the well pressed quilt top on top, right side up. Pin or hand baste.
  • Quilt as desired, and then trim away excess backing and wadding.
  • From the binding fabric cut 2 x 2 1/4" strips across the fabric width. Sew the strips together with diagonal seams, along the short sides to form one long strip.
  • Press strip in half lengthways and starting in the middle of one side of the quilt, sew the bindings to the quilt front, raw edges together and mitring corners as you go. Turn bindings to the wrong side of the quilt and slip stitch into place to secure.

And that's it! A sweet and simple Jacobs Ladder mini quilt to add to your collection! How fun is that?  

I've really enjoyed sharing the Jacobs Ladder block with you this month, and I hope you've fallen in love with it and you plan to use it in future projects. 

I have another block ready for you next month and this one is a pretty star block which I'm sure you already know and love. The first post goes live on Friday July 3, so stay tuned!

Happy quilting :)
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