Cheesy Potato Pinwheels

When life gives you leftover mashed potato, add some simple ingredients and bake a delicious savory! Served hot or cold these Cheesy Potato Pinwheels are a huge family favorite!

I've been promising you a savory recipe for a few weeks now, and I finally found a few spare minutes to write the post! These Cheesy Potato Pinwheels might look simple and nothing particularly special, but they're super fun, extremely yummy and a great way to use up any leftover mashed potato from last night's dinner.

Hubby teases me constantly about cooking enough potato for two households, but he never complains when there's a batch of pinwheels in the fridge the next day :) They're one of his favorites and they require a few simple ingredients and very little effort to put together.

We enjoy these pinwheels hot or cold, and they're handy for the boys to grab if they're hungry and I'm not home - neither hubby nor my son can cook, but they can reheat! ;) 

They're great for the lunchbox or picnic basket, and we like to take them on road trips so we're not buying greasy takeaway when we stop for coffee. They're also a popular party savory, and you can make them the day before which is a great time saver.

The pinwheel filling consists of mashed potato, bacon, onion and cheese, but you can put in whatever ingredients you like - diced capsicum, mushroom, spinach, ham or chorizo work well too. It's fun to play with different flavor combinations and a great way to use up any leftover ingredients.

I prefer to use leftover mashed potato cold from the fridge, but you can also cook up a pot full and let it cool before making the pinwheels. Either way works just fine, and sometimes we don't have leftovers available when we want them.

I use ready rolled pastry for these pinwheels because there's less fuss and it's much easier to work with, plus clean up in minimal and that's always a bonus. :)

They are simple but sometimes simple is best, right? You can make a batch in next to no time and they're popular with everyone - actually I don't know anyone who doesn't like them! 

If you'd like to give these Cheesy Potato Pinwheels a try, then simply click on the link to download the recipe card or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer:

I hope the next time you have some leftover mashed potato you give these Cheesy Potato Pinwheels a try. They're a lovely savory and the perfect excuse to throw a few extras potatoes in the pot when you're cooking dinner tonight. 

We enjoy them and I hope you and your family do too! 

Happy baking :)
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