Mary Mini Quilt PDF Pattern

Mini quilts may be small in size, but they're super fun to sew! They're a fast finish with less commitment, and every month I add a new design to my pattern family to tempt you!

Well July is here, ready or not! What a wild ride the first half of 2020 has been! I'm hoping there's 
good things in store for the second half. :)

It's time for me to release a new monthly mini quilt pattern, and this month I have the sweet and elegant Mary. This mini is named after my grandmother and I think she would have loved it. She passed twenty five years ago and she's been on my mind a lot these past few weeks, so it felt right to name this mini in her honour.

My dad (her son) is dealing with a health issue at the moment, and I see so much of her in the little things he says or the mannerisms they share. I guess it's always there, but you seem to notice it more when they're sick and vulnerable.

She would have loved the colours I've chosen for Mary - blue was her absolute favorite colour (like me) and she adored florals! I never saw her in anything but a dress (no pants or slacks for this classy lady) and blue was definitely her colour. It matched her eyes and complimented her pale complexion, and regardless of the shade or tone, she glowed!

I used the gorgeous Super Bloom fabrics from Edyta Sitar and I love the romantic feel they bring to this mini quilt. There's a lovely warmth to them and the prints are just stunning.

I grabbed quite a few prints from this range, and one day soon I plan to make a new quilt for our bed -the colour palette just speaks to me! 

Mary is a foundation paper pieced mini quilt pattern and she finishes at around 14" square, so she's petite and sweet. It's a simple star design with lots of feathers and bows (HST's) to add some elegance and make it even more special.

A quilt full of Mary's would be stunning, so don't forget you can use these mini patterns in other ways. Make multiples and add sashings and borders and you'll have a quilt in no time. You can also use these patterns to sew cushions or bag fronts - be creative and have fun!

The PDF pattern includes full step by step instructions and diagrams, plus I've included a colouring sheet to assist you in planning your fabrics/colours prior to sewing. There are also swatches of the fabrics I used to help you replicate this palette, and there's optional instructions for adding a hanging sleeve or corner hanger.

Mary is put together in nine easy and manageable sections and the only tricky part is adding FPP sections that are one piece. I have a paper piecing tutorial that covers my tips and tricks if you need a little help - I've also included them in the pattern.

It's such a pretty mini quilt and it doesn't take long to piece making it a great weekend project. It's a fun design to play with and I can't wait to see what combinations you chose for your own version. 

Mary PDF patterns are now available in my Etsy shop and from today until the end of July they are at the introductory price of $4.95 (AU + taxes where applicable). Simply click on the link to purchase your copy:

I hope you enjoying sewing my Mary mini quilt pattern. Don't forget to send me a photo or tag me on social media so I can come visit - if your project is selected as my newsletters Readers Project you will win a free copy of next month's mini pattern. Have fun! 

Before I go, I've decided to delay the start of this month's Classic Quilt Blocks series until Friday 10. I'm needed elsewhere at the moment and I can't give it my full attention. It's just a small delay, but worth the wait I assure you!  

Happy quilting :)
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