Free Chatelaine BOW Sampler Quilt

Every Wednesday I will publish a new block pattern as a PDF file for you to download. Each file will include a coloured diagram,cutting and piecing instructions plus any required full size templates. I will also include photos, tips and tutorials where applicable to assist in constructing your blocks.
The blocks will be a selection of my favorites (or my own adapted version) and the difficulty level will vary from week to week. I will also offer a final layout for the quilt, (including borders) as the weeks progress or you are free to chose a layout of your own. Even if you chose not to participate in the full sampler quilt, you can collect each block pattern and use them as a reference for other projects you may have planned in the future.
The blocks will finish at 6" square (6 1/2" unfinished)
Click on a links below to view full details of each block and to download your free PDF File's:

The Blocks:

Block 1- Milky Way
Block 2- Road To Oklahoma
Block 3- Whirligig
Block 4- Cats and Mice
Block 5- Grandmother's Pride
Block 6- Rising Star
Block 7- Thrifty
Block 8- Country Farm
Block 9- Forest Paths
Block 10- Big T 
Block 11- Jack In The Box
Block 12- Crowning Glory
Block 13- Goshen Star
Block 14- Summer Blooms
Block 15- Bear's Paw
Block 16- Irish Chain
Block 17- Ohio Star
Block 18- Old Maid's Puzzle
Block 19- Card Trick
Block 20- Fair and Square
Block 21- Starry Cross
Block 22- Double Star
Block 23- April Tulips
Block 24- Log Cabin
Block 25- Nine Patch Churn Dash
Block 26- Odds and Ends
Block 27- Rolling Stone
Block 28- Centennial
Block 29- Grape Basket
Block 30- Crossroads
Block 31- Rosebud
Block 32- Dutchman's Puzzle
Block 33- Home Grown
Block 34- Silver Maple
Block 35- Bird's Nest
Block 36- Martha Washington's Star
Block 37- Cross and Crown
Block 38- Tulip Tile
Block 39- Snail's Trail
Block 40- Broken Dishes
Block 41- Diamond Star
Block 42- Hovering Hawks
Block 43- Continental
Block 44- Double Z
Block 45- Mrs Taft's Choice
Block 46- Old Windmill
Block 47- Courthouse Steps
Block 48- Tudor Rose
Block 49- Candleglow
Block 50- Sawtooth Album
Block 51- Chinese Coin
Block 52- Contrary Wife
Block 53- London Roads
Block 54- Pink Dogwood
Block 55- Spinning Pinwheel
Block 56- Bird Of Paradise
Block 57- Eight Hands Around
Block 58- Odd Scraps Patchwork
Block 59- Grandma's Spool
Block 60- Hourglass
Block 61- California Chimney
Block 62- Lost Ships
Block 63- Peace and Plenty
Block 64- Straw Flowers
Block 65- Rail Fence
Block 66- Gulf Star
Block 67- Susannah
Block 68- Key West Beauty
Block 69- Wedding Ring
Block 70- Pineapple
Block 71- Goose In The Pond
Block 72- Dublin Steps
Block 73- Flagstones
Block 74- Twisted Star
Block 75- Garden Path
Block 76- Star Of Spring
Block 77- New Star
Block 78- Child's Play
Block 79- Twist
Block 80- Maypole Dancing
Block 81- Blueberry Patch
Block 82- Prairie Flower
Block 83- Mariner's Compass

Fabric Requirements:

Bonus Blocks:

Layout Options:

Quilting Facts

Photo Gallery:


  1. Thank you so much for all the wonderful blocks, the layout suggestions and sharing your creativity with all of us. Your generosity is much appreciated and I just wanted to thank you. Can't wait to see what the bonus blocks look like that you've hinted at.

    Thanks again and all the best.

    Terri at the Drake's Nest in Palm Bay, FL

  2. its now i saw your blog,like your patterns,colours and tutorial. would like to do some blocks. how long will this blog carry them .thank you.Anasuya

  3. Thank you so much Rose for all your hard work and for this amazing quilt. There are some really lovely blocks in this quilt which can be used in many other projects as well. I am sure a lot of us will be making mini quilts and other lovely things with them for years to come.

    Thank you for putting everything for this entire project in one place, making it so much easier for people like me who have only recently discoved your lovely website. I have spent the last two days happily downloading all the blocks and tutorials, and am really looking forward to seeing the bonus blocks too.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with next. Keep up the good work Rose. All your time,effort and generosity in providing these beautiful quilting projects for everyone is much appreciated.

  4. I love allllll the colors and would love to know what fabrics you used!

  5. Thank you so much for this sampler. As soon I get the fabrics, I'll be starting from block 1.


  6. Found your site by Googling for sampler quilts. Wow, what a fabulous resource you have shared. Thank so much :)

  7. I just found you via Pinterest. I love your designs and fabric choices. Thank you for all the work you do and for sharing it with the world. I will definitely be making some of your beautiful designs!

    1. Thank you Janie. Have fun with the patterns and be sure to show me what you make. I'd love to see :)

  8. Sending a robust "Hi" your way! Your blog has interested me so I stopped to look around!


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