Easter Melting Moments

Melting Moments are a classic sandwich biscuit and for Easter I've tweaked my recipe to add some festive flavour and delight the kids!

Melting Moments - the classic sandwich biscuit where every mouthful literally melts in your mouth. Is there anything better? 

I tweaked my recipe to make them festive and Landon my little cookie cutter extraordinaire, helped me bake a batch of these Easter Melting Moments.

These biscuits have the same texture as the classic Melting Moments, but the added chocolate and the delicious Nutella filling give them a touch of decadence for Easter.

Landon chose the bunny cutter for our Easter Melting Moments, and he loved seeing all the bunny faces lined up on the tray ready for baking.

The biscuit dough is quite soft and delicate so try not to overwork it (I know that's hard when the kids are helping) and only add a very light dusting of flour to your workspace - you don't want to add too much flour back to the dough.

You can also roll the dough into balls and lightly press them down with a fork if you don't want to use cookie cutters.

We sandwiched our Easter Melting Moments together with a luscious but simple Nutella filling. 

This is a sweet filling with a rich chocolate and hazelnut flavor, but you can also use jam, ganache, classic buttercream, or nut spreads like peanut butter.

A light dusting of icing sugar is all you need to finish these biscuits and you've got a lovely Easter snack to enjoy with coffee (Nanna) or a glass of milk (Landon).

The Easter Melting Moments are quick to prepare with staple pantry ingredients, and they bake in around 10 -12 minutes which is perfect for when the grandkids are over - they don't have to wait too long to taste their creations.

They store well in an airtight container, and the recipe makes around fourteen sandwiched biscuits, depending on the size of the cutters you use.

They would make lovely gifts as well - add them to Easter gift boxes or wrap them in cellophane bags and add a cute gift tag.

Landon and I had heaps of fun baking these Easter Melting Moments, and it won't be long before little Iris can join in and help too. Cooking with kids is the best and these moments together are so precious.

If you would like to bake a batch of these simple, but delicious sandwich biscuits you can download the recipe card by clicking on the link or right click on the photo below and save it to your computer.

I hope you and the kids give the Easter Melting Moments recipe a try. Kids love playing with cookie cutters and dough and these biscuits are decadent, sweet and they literally melt in your mouth!



Happy Easter baking :)

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