Saturday, September 29, 2007

Mariners Compass

I usually show my SBS blocks after i have completed a Row, but i think this block deserves a post of its own:

Mariners Compass

I have been fortunate enough to sew my blocks without Paper Piecing but this block ended my "good run". I have vaguely understood the logistics of paper piecing and i have watched it being done but until today i havent tried it for a quick online tutorial and then out to the studio to "give it a go"!!
Im pleased to say, it wasnt as difficult as id thought and my most dreaded block actually turned out OK!! I just had to be careful of the colours, cause u piece it almost backwards. Im usually messy when i sew, but u could hardly see my cutting table when id finished lol
I will probably use PP again (now im not afraid of it) but its not something i can see myself doing regularly!!!
Hope ur enjoying ur weekend!!!
Take care
Rose xxx

Monday, September 24, 2007

Gifts and Sashing!!

Couple of things to share tonite, firstly Beth sent me this gorgeous pincushion for the Stitchery Swap:

Australian Quarantine had it for quite some time and felt the need to pull some of it apart (Beth i really hope i put it back together the way u intended it to be).......i just love it, the scent is just divine. This was one of her first stitcheries and her stitches r just perfect and i just adore birds and this is such a welcome site when i enter my studio.........thank u, thank u soooooooo much i will always treasure this (my first swap item ever!!!)

I decided to be proactive this weekend and sash my SBS blocks (my hat off to Anne Ida who managed to sash the whole quilt in just a few days!!!):

I had a few problems but this quilt "to me" is a learning skills have grown and i think this quilt will reflect that. I am always trying to push myself to develop my quilting and this is the one to do yes maybe i could "redo" a few blocks to make them perfect or i could let them stay to remind me of how far i have come!!!! Either way, im loving it so far, enough to make me "whip" up more blocks tonite for the next row lol.

My first drawing class is tomorrow all ready as far as the pencils and art book etc etc but im really nervous!!! Im sure it wont be as disastrous as im imagining and hey maybe ill relax enough to actually "learn" something lol Ive deluded myself into thinking ill lose 2 hrs sewing time........i really clutch at straws for excuses lol

Take care and Happy stitching
Rose xxx

Friday, September 21, 2007

Row F

60 SBS blocks down....just 80 more to go!!! Row F is now complete:

Silver and Gold, Fools Puzzle, Bow Tie,Old Maids Puzzle & New York Beauty

Album, Big T, Ladies Aid Album, Aunt Sukeys Choice and Blazing Star

Now if I thought this row was difficult, Row G looks like a nitemare lol I have intended to sash the rows as i go but it just hasnt happened yet!! I have so many favorite blocks, some id like to use in other projects.......have i mentioned before how much i love this quilt??? lol

Hope u all have a great weekend (lots of sewing for me and a game of miniature Golf)
Take care
Rose xxx

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Swaps, Tags and Awards

I have finally finished my quilt for the Four Seasons Swap. Its been sitting there waiting for binding for weeks but now its all ready to go to the Post Office and to my partner:

I think i tried too hard to put all of my partners preferences into the one little quilt and im not sure it is the look she wanted but............all i can hope is that this is what she had in mind when she was writing her preferences!!!! (I should not have photographed it on a wooden table, sorry its hard to see)

Linda, the sweetie has awarded me the "You Make Me Smile Award" which is such a lovely honour and i promise to wear my badge proudly!!! I visit her blog everyday and her posts r always so warm, they make u smile!!

So many bloggers r deserving of this award, it is wonderful to jump online and be inspired by a talented group of special women, some make me laugh, some make me smile but all of them make me feel part of this quilting community. Now i get to pass this award on (which i will at the end of this post).

The lovely Bren, tagged me for a meme (sorry i took so long to play along!!), apparently i have to use the letters of my middle name (Sharon) to share something about here goes:

S- stubborn (self explainatory lol)
H- happy (i love life and what i do)
A- artistic (well i think so lol)
R- responsible (sorry DH one of us has to be lol)
O- optimistic (thats what keeps me smiling)
N- nurturing ( i take everyone under my wing, thats just me!!)

Now the rules of this meme are that i have to tag 6 other people to participate and these people also receive the "You Make Me Smile Award" here is my 6 (although i could name 60!!):
Anne Ida, Leigh, Debi, Susan, Elin and Tazzie.

Not only do u guys make me smile in ur blogs but also when i see ur name in my inbox!!!
Take care
Rose xxx

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Few Days Away

We have spent the last few days, vacationing on the North West Coast of Tasmania. There are so many wonderful towns along the way and the views r just breath-taking. Looking through the photos tonite, it was hard to chose which ones to share, so these r just a few to give u a glimpse of the beautiful state we live in:

The first leg of the trip was spent in Devonport and Ulverstone. The weather may not have started out so great but it will still comfortable to walk along the beach and do some beach combing. We spent a fantastic afternoon at the Imaginarium Science Centre:

We u arrive they set u a challenge....through a series of clues found in each of these interactive exhibits u get to solve a mystery.......who wrote the journal that was found in the sea chest that drifted to the was sooooooooo much fun and some were quite quick and simple, whilst others proved to be a bit bigger challenge.........but u learn so much and we solved it first try!!!! There were plenty of other exhibits to "play" with as well..........the kids had to drag the adults out of there lol!!!
Next we headed off to Stanley, a gorgeous little seaside town with a very impressive vista:

I must admit that im almost 40, lived here all my life, and this was the first time i have every seen "The Nut". The beautiful little town lays at the base and everywhere u look u see this impressive formation. We spent our time browsing the local shops.....there was this most devine chocolate shop (we went there twice!!! lol), some antique and craft shops and then we headed down to the seaport to visit the SeaAquarium:

They have these tanks set up, so brillantly, with all kinds of fish, shellfish, sharks and giant crabs. There was a "hands on" rock pool where u could handle the hermit crabs etc. We headed out to Smithton (about as Northwest as u can get) and then slowly made our way back along the coast, stopping along the way to enjoy the views:

U could see for miles in either direction, all so peaceful and beautiful.

And no the lighthouse wasnt on a lean......thats my artsy shot lol

On a quilty note.........with the sheer relaxation, the great experience and the wonderful company, shopping wasnt "high" on my list but this morning at the Penguin Market i picked up a few bits for the stash:

I really, really want to thank everyone who left a comment on my last post with regards to the Log Cabin quilt top. I may not get to answer them all personally so please know i appreciated everyones lovely comments and emails. I am very very pleased with it and its so wonderful that u all share in that!!!!
Take care
Rose xxx

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Its finally together!!! After 6240 individual pieces, 480 blocks ..........drum roll, i now have a quilt top!!!!:

As pleased as I am to see this altogether, im sad its all more little "loggies" to fiddle and play with...........but its done!!!! Im stoked!!!
So its off to the quilters for this little baby, which is a whole new experience im looking forward to.........even if i wanted to try and quilt this myself, the sheer weight of all those seams would be too much for me.............the final stages of piecing it together where bad enough.
Ill have better pics when its all quilted, its just too big to lay out on any of our floors.
I love it!!!
Take care
Rose xxx

Monday, September 10, 2007

Knitting Bug

For the last week, ive had this uncontrollable urge to pick up the needles and cast on a knitting project.......not just any knitting project but a throw just like my Nan used to make many years ago:

So today, even though i have other projects screaming for completion, i knitted!! Now my Nan used to knit up beautiful squares and then my Mum and I would help her sew them all together to make these amazing technicolour throws. She used to have them all over the house, on the sofas, on the beds and a stack in the linen cupboard that my sister and I used to use, with the help of a few chairs, to make playhouses. Im not sure where any of these throws have gone, maybe to the goodwill shops or maybe they just wore out from all the use.........regardless, i have this desire to make one of my own!!

Now im not the greatest knitter, nor do i look co-ordinated while im knitting but there are times in my day that im idley waiting around, so now i can knit while the dinner or lunch is cooking or while im watching Cohen splash around in the bath or while i read the blogs (oh ok maybe not then but i can try lol). Today i managed to achieve one square , just in those few spare moments (and Cohen really appreciated the extra few minutes in the bath....about 3 rows worth!!!)

The pattern is Moss Stitch (my Nans favorite). I plan to knit up different coloured blocks with different patterns (might help improve my knitting) and then they will become the greatest blank canvas to be creative with. Im planning on doing some wool embroidery on a few of them, maybe using some braid, buttons or sequins or whatever i feel like to give it a little pizazz!!

I always feel close to my Nan when im stitching but knitting these blocks brings back so many memories ( i even remembered how many stitches to cast on to get a 6" block!!!) I may not have one of hers, but ill have my own version of one of her "wonderful throws".

Take care
Rose xxx

Saturday, September 8, 2007

Spring Break

The Spring break holidays started yesterday and Im loving it!!! The weather has been absolutley perfect and my house hasnt been empty:

Theres been plenty of laughter, fun, lots of "whats for lunch mum??" or "whens dinner??", lots of games but most importantly, lots of relaxation. Of course there was a spot of cooking, how can the kids survive holidays without their own "home made" chocolate cake, complete with chocolate sprinkles:

Now i guess every good wife is busily "spring cleaning" her home and i must say the "cleaning bug" has hit me just in a different direction.....the studio!!!. Ive been busily sorting out my fabrics, why cant i put things back neatly??? and sifting through all the projects i have "on the go" at the new design is nearing completion, yet all my templates and stitchery designs where all over the place (how was i going to write the actual pattern???).
So with some sense of order, i set about tackling the pile of "finish off now please!!!" So heres the first one complete:

This is a little sewing bag that was in last months Homespun magazine. I needed something small to cart all my stitchery bits and pieces around over the holidays, so this one was perfect!! Its cute and sweet but there were a couple of things i wish i hadnt followed the pattern for.....clearly the placement of the pockets. My "gut" feeling was that they should have been centered more but the pattern stated 3 1/2" from the bottom and 1 1/2"from the top, anyway it serves the purpose and looks great!!!..........and as a bonus, its all from the scrap bin, that burgundy Thimbleberries fabric is almost gone!!!!!!! I loved this fabric....once lol!!

Hope u r all having a wonderful weekend. We have a very busy and fun two weeks planned (and hopefully i can attack that pile more!!)

Take care
Rose xxx

Monday, September 3, 2007


Congratulations to the 3 winners of the "T'wasnt me!" stitchery pattern:

Annie - Annies Quilting Adventures
Tami - Getting Started
Wendy - Snippets of a Quilter

If these ladies could please email me their "snail mail" details, Ill pop them in the post for u ASAP!!!. Thanks to all those who left such lovely comments and also the wonderful emails i received.
Xmas is my favorite time of the year and i have a few more designs planned to celebrate the festive season.......speaking of which, i better head back out to the studio, the next design is already underway and im eager to see it all together!!!

Take care
Rose xxx
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