Saturday, December 29, 2007

Row H Complete

Before Xmas i added another row to my SBS quilt, Row H!! Its growing and i love it!!

Here r the individual blocks:

Log Cabin, Wedding Ring, Sarah's Favorite, Dove in the Window & Sylvias Shooting Star

Lancaster Rose, Odd Fellows Chain, Pinwheel, Weathervane and Kings Star.

I hope to get another few rows on before Anne Ida comes down in Feb (but u know, best laid plans and all that!!!). She is such a sweetie, here is just one of the things she so kindly sent my for my birthday. I gorgeous bag which immediatley became the new home to the holiday stitcheries im working on at the moment:

Isnt it great??? I love the colours, i love the pocket space on the inside and in the top right hand corner, look, look!!!:

My own "Elm Creek Quilts" pin!!! Now i really feel a part of the SBS team !!! (she also sent me some other gorgeous things which ill share later.....thnx soooo much hun!!!)

Well this will be my last post for 2007!!! Happy New Year to all of u and may 2008 see u and your family healthy, happy and following your dreams and goals!!

Friday, December 28, 2007


The Xmas Season was been full of wonderful days, amazing company, lots of pressies and laughter and a great time to relax. And yes of course i did turn 40 yesterday, so the celebrations continued!!

Every Xmas Eve we drive around and look at Xmas lights and this year we werent disappointed, the houses looked amazing:

Xmas morning started quite early (thnx to two excited kids) and the day was spent with family, lots of yummy food (cept the Goose, sorry mum!! lol) and of course wonderful gifts!!

Boxing Day is traditonally a PJ day in our house and i spent most of my time in the patio stitching later.

For my birthday we had a leisurely breakfast and visits from the parents, before heading out to this gorgeous country pub for a wonderful meal and then we hit the park (and yes kids mum may be 40 but she can still play lol). The rest of the afternoon and evening was spent with friends and a few drinks, which was really lovely!!!

Thanx to everyone who left a comment or sent me a "birthday" email, i will get around to answering u all personally and i also want to show some pics of the amazing quilty presents i received but im enjoying this relaxing time with the family and also this amazing weather (we have all just hopped out of the pool, very relaxing!!!)

Got heaps to share real soon!!
Hope ur Xmas was wonderful too!!

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Last Gift Wrapped!!

All my Xmas sewing has been finished, with this little quilt for my mum being the last one completed. Two years ago my parents decided to take their first "real" holiday and they left our little island and went to Melbourne. Since then they have been to Sydney and Adelaide (and they have two more trips planned for next year!!!)

Mum has this gorgeous wooden blanket box which she keeps all her holiday memorablia in, so this little quilt is to sit on top of the box. Now the stitchery is quite plain but i have added buttons to the 3 places they have already visited and each time they go somewhere new, ill add another button (hopefully their little map will be covered in buttons before long!!)

I got to do some more free motion quilting with this one (well actually every gift i made this year i either stippled or meandered). I feel much more relaxed now, quilting this way...thnx to the "Princess" for making it so easy!!

I want to wish everyone a very safe and enjoyable Xmas and I hope you have a wonderful time with your families!!!!

Thursday, December 20, 2007


In the words of Alice Cooper...........Schools Out For Summer!!!!!.

Today represented the end of a long school year!!! For both our children it was a year of new experiences, new friendships and new schools.

Maddi: what can i say, this was your first year of High School and your sheer determination, your focus, your leadership and your sensibility saw your thrive......yeah there were times when things got tough but our ability to talk things through and find solutions, made it easier!!!
Congratulations on your award and ur amazing end of year report!!!......u deserve it soooo much and Mum and Dad r so proud of u!!!

Cohen: our little man, who entered school so shy and unsure of himself, u walked out today with a wonderful group of friends and u have accomplished so much. You have grown so much (2 shoes sizes to be exact this year lol) and ur confidence, ur enthusiasm and ur knowledge has excelled.............well done our little man for your amazing "first school report" and also well done for your Xmas drawing appearing in our local newspaper today!!!!! (How cool was that????)

Many mums dread the holidays...........but i LOVE them!!!! i have my children home and as a special bonus i have DH home for 5 weeks as well!!! We have many plans, many goals and we always chose a common theme to our holidays (anal retentive i know lol) but this year i really want to encourage the kids to explore their surroundings, take notice of the little things around them and appreciate them..............but most importantly we will have fun, lots of exploring!!!!!but heaps of fun!!!

Not much to show on the quilty side............i, like everyone else have been busy preparing for Xmas, looking after my MIL (who unfortunatley is worrying us greatly, again) and catching up with wonderful friends............thanx guys, i have really enjoyed the time with all of u. I know we get busy but we are all chasing our dreams......yet when we meet up, its like "not a day has passed".........i love that!!!

Thursday, December 13, 2007

For The Teacher

I needed a quick and easy present for my childrens teachers this year. I could have made some more pincushions, but i decided to give Tazzies coasters a try (the pattern is here):

They r so much fun and very quick plus i got to practise some more free motion quilting (which is becoming a favorite). I filled the mugs up with chocolates and candycanes. Cohen gave his to his teacher and the teachers aide today at his class party and they were "greatly received".......his teacher gave me a big hug!!!! Thanx Tazzie for sharing such a wonderful idea, im sure ill be making more of these in the future.

I know there r so many wonderful sites out there that offer great Xmas fun but i just thought id share a couple of our family favorites. U have to try this snowflake, even i have fun with this one. Cohen loves to dress up this snowman and then this site offers hours of fun. Its great for Cohen because u have the choice of reading the stories urself or having them read to u and u have to check out the "disco dancing" Santa, hes just too cute!!!

I received another magazine commission for 2008, which im excited about.....i turn 40 in 2 weeks, and im guessing its going to be a great year for me!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Workshop and New Look LQS

I have finished the tablerunner top for the February workshop and im really happy with it:

I think it fits the workshop theme "Summer Garden..." quite well. The fabrics r so soft and pretty, I really think ill be handquilting this one:

Sally opened the doors to the new location of her quilt shop last week and as much as i loved the charm and warmth of the old loction, im loving this new look for The Country Quilter:

Its huge, its bright and u could just poke around for ages:

At the back there is a huge teaching area (cant wait to help out with the classes for my Sampler), Sal's office, kitchen and amenities. Of course its nice to walk around and see some familiar quilts hanging so proudly:

"Family Values" has a wall now, along with a few of my others and then near the counter:

The Sampler and the new Medallion. All of the quilts look fantastic against the neutral walls. Lucky Sal knows how i take my coffee, im guessing im going to be spending a fair amount of time here lol

Hope u had a great weekend!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Xmas Sewing

In true "Rose" tradition i leave the Xmas sewing till the last minute but ive had fun with it!!!! First 'Cab off the rank" was my gorgeous i know, cause im psychic lol, that Tamika has asked for a doll (that cries, wees, eats etc) for Xmas, so i made her this quilt to wrap the dolly in:

......she is 5 and a true "girlie" girl (like her aunt!!!!) so she needed a bag, u know for her important stuff, lipstick, wallet "pretend mobile phone lol:

I did quilt a flower "in matching thread" yet it is so "matching" u cant see it grrr!!!!

So then i thought about other "females" in our Xmas list...........ive started a quilt for my mum (pics later) and then i decided to recycle some 2007 BOM blocks ( i knew i made these for a reason!!!), to make a table runner for my friend and neighbour:

I need to applique some flowers on the border..........yet my supply of Vilosfix was low, no worries, i have tomorrow!!!!...........ill sew until Xmas Eve........its all good, i love this "silly"season!!!

Monday, December 3, 2007

Its Finally A Pattern

Well it was an idea born months ago, it was kinda slow in the production stage (due to fitting those borders) and then it sat idle for so its a pattern, all ready for sale!!

I did have great intentions of handquilting it (thats the reason/excuse it sat idle for so long) but in the end it was machine quilted. I have put a couple of copies of the pattern in my Etsy shop, just in case anyone is interested in it!!!

The Xmas season is in full swing down here. We had our first Xmas get together on Saturday, which was lovely......lots of train rides and Santa arrived with a pressie for all the children. The tree is up, the house is decorated and the Xmas cards written (and not a present has been brought as week!!!)

Cohen and I shared the task of making the table centerpiece this year......not an original idea, it was in a magazine, cept there was a star on the top of theirs.....Cohen and I thought this worked too (well sorta does lol):

Not sure if our edible art will last till Xmas Day, but it makes the table look festive.

Happy 40th Birthday to my brother-inlaw Pete!!!! (u r older than me, im still in to my 30's....just lol)

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