Thursday, February 28, 2008

A New Design

Its always exciting when you start a new design; bringing an idea to life!

I have been working hard on the new BOM and I just needed to step back and work on something new for why not something for Xmas?? It is a real stretch for me to do Redwork (considering, red is not a favorite colour of mine!) but Im really enjoying it.

Something else I forgot to share from the Summer Garden Workshop.....Sally gave each of the designers one of these gorgeous Uncle Ben's Bears, as a gift:

Her name is Bronte and I just love her. She sits proudly in my studio, watching me create!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Fun Stuff

After a very long wait, the February edition of Homespun magazine hit the stands and in it is my first commission:

I was thrilled with the presentation of my looks like it could be hanging in my very own kitchen. I have a pine hutch which holds a Real Old Willow dinnerset, given to us by my grandfather as an engagement present. Also my Winter Swap Quilt arrived:

How cute is he?? Thank you sooooo much Sherry V, I love it!! It will surely brighten up the cold winter months ahead!!
Finally May Britt awarded me this award:

Thank you so much, it really made my day. I had been feeling a little down after saying goodbye to Anne Ida. Its amazing how special blogland really is. So many of you make my day and I treasure the friendships I have made, the comments you leave and the inspiration I find on your blogs. So I award this to all of you.

I have just received an email from Anne Ida letting me know she has arrived home safely!! Sweetie, you know my little story behind this photo:

Mange klemmer min venn. Miss you heaps xxx

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Farewell For Now Sweetie!!

With much regret and a few tears, I drove Anne Ida to the Airport this morning for her flight back home! I dont want to spoil the posts I know she will write but I just want to share some of my favorite pics.

On the beach at Ulverstone. The water was amazing!! We just enjoyed the serenity and took heaps of pics!!

Meeting the native animals. How thrilled she was to pat this Kangaroo. Unfortunatley the Koala wasnt as co-operative (or awake!!!).

Enjoying the scenery. We went through all the photos last nite before bed and she has some amazing shots to share!!!

Got her on the chairlift eventually (then I wasnt sure I wanted to lol but we enjoyed it!!)....the Cataract scenery is amazing!!

I have had the most amazing 12 days. I miss her so already. It was wonderful to share my home and my surroundings but also to build on a friendship that began 1 year ago just through blogland. Tonite my studio was lonely, we have been sewing away like mad to create a Quilt top each (which we will share later) to honour this wonderful experience!!
Travel home safely sweetie!!!
Miss you!!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The Workshop

First, apologies for all those eagerly awaiting news of Anne Idas visit to Australia. We have been extremely busy enjoying each others company, seeing as much of Tasmania as we can and sewing up a storm till the wee hours and how wonderful it has been to have someone to share my studio with (i havent even minded sewing on the old "fossil" Janome) computer time has been limited!! Just a note for May Britt....noooo we havent traded her to the natives!!! But we have decided to keep her and send you the kangaroos!!! Lol

So Friday saw us setting up the Threadbare display for the Summer Garden Workshop. Heres Anne Ida carefully supervising the placement of my samples:

Just some of the wonderful designs on offer for the ladies:

Saturday morning, all the ladies were eager to get started on their chosen project or projects for the weekend:

Plus a little bit of shopping and browsing the display tables:

Plus meeting some fellow bloggers. Heres Christine and Anne Ida, working on their dolls:

It was wonderful to meet Christine, she is just lovely and Im sure I will see more of her when we travel down the coast throughout the year!!

Sunday, the ladies got straight back to work on their projects:

It really was a wonderful workshop, full of inspiration, lovely ladies and new friendships:

Christine, Pat and Anne Ida.

Tomorrow means the end of Anne Idas visit, which is really sad. Time has flown by so quickly (and hiding her passport, so she cant leave, didnt work lol) We have a tonne of photos, a heaps of memories and plans to meet up again soon, this time in Norway!!! She also brings back with her a "acquired tasting" (Anne Ida's words) Australian tradition.......VEGEMITE, lets see how the Norwegian bloggers enjoy this!!!!
I will post some more pics while she travels back home and share what we have been up to in the long absenses from blogland!!
We will all miss you sweetie!!!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Anne Ida Is Finally Here!!!!

Saturday night at 10.30pm Anne Ida arrived at Tullermarine Airport in Melbourne for the first leg of her Australian visit. We were all excited and eager for her plane to arrive and after a short wait she cleared customs and we were able to meet for the first time!!!!!!!!
It was so wonderful to finally meet her!! We have been corresponding for almost a year now, so we knew so much about each other, except we hadnt meet. She is gorgeous!! Such a sweet soul, just as i imagined she would be!!! Although we were all tired we still managed to talk till 2 am, yawn yawn!!!!
Sunday morning we took a tram to the Melbourne CBD:

Here she is on one of the trams ready to explore the streets of Melbourne (and we did!!....we walked and walked our feet off!!!)

Sitting in Federation Square with Maddi and Cohen. We were lucky enough to meet with another blogger Leigh (formerley Cinnamonsticks) and her husband Ross and for all those who have read her blog, she is just as lovely and funny in person:

Anne Ida, the lovely Leigh and myself!!

We exchanged gifts and had a wonderful 3 hour lunch, chatting and laughing and enjoying our time together. Thank you so much Leigh and Ross for travelling in to meet us!! It was wonderful to spend the afternoon with you both and I cant wait till you come down to Tassie!!!!!

Monday morning we headed out to Dandenong, to Tecoma, to visit Sandra and the SBS group at Foothills Fabric and Threads.

Such a pretty shop in a gorgeous location!!! Sandra and the ladies gave us a warm welcome and we instantly felt part of the group:

We both had a chance to chat with the ladies and look at their progress on their SBS blocks. It was also an opportunity for Anne Ida to meet some of the other ladies she had been corresponding with on the SBS Mailing List:

Lots of yummy cake and yummy blocks to savour. We were also lucky to have Gail Pan drop in for a visit:

She is so lovely and it was wonderful to get to talk to her before she comes down to the Workshop, this weekend!!!!!
Of course when the SBS group began packing up, it was time to shop!!!!!:

Such a wonderful array of fabrics and patterns. Heaps to choose from, we finally chose some gorgeous fabrics to bring home!!!

We also drove further out to Monbulk to visit Mrs Martins Quilt shop!! Karen is such a friendly lady and made us feel so welcome.

Tuesday morning was time to catch our flight back to Tasmania.

It had been a hectic 3 day visit in Melbourne, so we were all tired and looking forward to seeing home!!
We have heaps more to share, so stay tuned!!!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Block 2

As promised, here are some sneak peek pictures of the second block of Tender Moments:

The spider stitchery.....I think this is my favorite stitchery so far!!

Where the two blocks meet! I love the Orange Peel block!

The Dragonfly stitchery, soft and sweet...... are you seeing a pattern here? This quilt shares my love of Family and my love of the garden!!

One of the pieced blocks. This is Mosiac #19.

Got heaps of packing to do before an early flight Saturday morning (6am) to meet Anne Ida!! I seriuosly doubt Ill get much sleep between now and then, Im so excited!!! I can keep track of her trip with SMS's (what did we do before mobiles??) so i am just waiting on hearing about the first leg of her trip!!
Be back in blogland soon and Ill have Anne Ida here to share with all of you, our pictures and our thoughts of our wonderful time together!!!
Leigh only 3 more sleeps sweetie!!! Cant wait to meet you and your husband, its going to be a special weekend!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

3 More Sleeps!!

Sorry ive been a bit absent in blogland, im trying so hard to get everything organised (and perfect) for Anne Idas visit, in 3 MORE SLEEPS!!!! Tonites job was to clear off the camera, so i have tonnes of space for pics. I just wanted to share some of my favorites:

So many of these are helping with the inspiration for Tender Moments.......Ill post a completed Block 2 tommorrow!!!
Can u imagine how excited i am right now???? Roll on Saturday!!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

7 Days!!!!!

Its a week, till we fly to Melbourne to welcome Anne Ida to Australia!!! We also get to meet with the lovely Leigh (formerly Cinnamonsticks) for lunch, next Sunday and then with Sandra at Foothills and Fabrics on the Monday for an SBS Group!! Words cant express how we all feel right now!! We r excited, nervous, anxious for the next week to pass quickly but mainly......we r so lucky to have this wonderful experience!!!.........breathe!!

Then I have the workshop for The Country Quilter with Gail, Rosie and Natalie....oxygen please lol!!! Im nervous!!! But how much fun are we going to have??

After my last "Dear Jane Spurt" i cut out some more blocks and as i have been able to, Ive pieced them together. After todays class at the shop, i really ached to piece so i finished my little pile. Watching the ladies sew inspires me when i get home. Piecing is my favorite!!

D5-Cathedral Window, H13-Farm Fields, J4-Adelaines Apron Strings, B13-Four Corner Press, I3-Family Album

I1- Ralph & Neldas Wedding, I2-Kayes Courtyard, M12- Hopscotch, J6- Granny Weaver, C1-Trooper Greens Badge

My DJ total is looking healthier, my stomach is full of butterflies but i know the next few weeks are going to contain some of the most memorable experiences of my life!!!

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