Monday, March 31, 2008

Quick Finish!!!

Any finish feels good but a quick finish, lifts your spirits and keeps your motivated (and also makes you temporarily lose focus lol):

Love my new cushions and they have settled nicely in their new home, greeting all those who walk in our front door:

Ok now Im back to focusing on what I really NEED to do!!!!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Market Treasure

Even though it was quite cold and windy this morning, we headed out to the Market. I wasn't expecting to find anything, yet I am renowned for finding bags of old buttons amid the junk!! And of course today was no exception but I also found something else to treasure:

Arent those buttons gorgeous??? I love those olive green ones!! I also found some red crystal beads for almost a quarter of the price that I usually pay (they are needed for yet another new design!!!) and this fantastic book by Maggie Malone. I have several quilt block books, my SBS sheets, my DJ book, EQ6, which has a zillion blocks on it and I have internet access, so blocks are at my fngertips...........yet I needed this book, I wasnt leaving without this book!!!!

434 pages of stunning blocks and border ideas plus all the instructions needed to draft them up!!! Now there is a fear when you buy something secondhand, that you get it home and it doesnt work properly..........this afternoon it was raining and the family where all busy doing their own thing, so I decided to "test" my new purchase to make sure it worked. Im happy to report it does:

This is block # 189- Hopscotch. But you can never be too sure, right?? So I had to double check that all was working well:

This is block # 2043- Squares and Triangles!!! I drafted both blocks to 12" and I'll add some borders to make them into cushions for my front entrance!!! I think its fair to say I used my money and my time wisely............or that is just my excuse for sewing all afternoon lol!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Saturday Sampler Class

Just thought I'd share an update of my Saturday Sampler Class. Over the weeks it has evolved into a close knit group who love to share ideas and projects and spur each other on with their Cottage Sampler Quilts. There's heaps of conversation, that has nothing to do with quilting and loads of laughs....... its truly a wonderful day: the only job Ive ever WANTED to go to and I only check my watch probably twice in 6 hours!!!

Kathy is the first one to finish her quilt top. She had a stash of William Morris that she really wanted to use up. This quilt is for her husband:

Its odd to see this in the King Size (12" blocks) when I originally designed this in 6" blocks but it looks amazing!!! There are maybe a few blocks I would have done differently if I had of made this size quilt up myself, but Im soooooo proud of Kathy and I know she is proud of her achievement!!

Pat is very close to final assembly. She only has the applique block to go and then she will have a completed top:

She has all the Checkerboard borders ready, so she is so close!!! And yes Pat, I know you are soooooooooooo over checkerboards lol!!!

Faye has been my only student, game enough to tackle the 6" blocks and she has done a fantastic job!! Watching everyone else with their larger blocks has been a bit daunting but she has done exceptionally well!!!:

Only a few more blocks Faye and you are almost there!!!

Pam has only just started classes and her vibrancy shows through with her fabric choices:

She is doing a wonderful job, Im proud of all my Saturday ladies!!!

There are more Sampler quilts to share, but sadly not every week do I remember to pack the camera (in my eagerness to get there lol). Ill try and keep you posted in the next few weeks.

We also had 2 lovely women join our Saturday group today, one just for the company while she works on her own quilts and another lady who designed her own amazing quilt. She had already chosen her fabrics, Moda Sonnet and she just needed to learn the basics to get her started...........which ended up with me teaching an impromptu paper piecing class lol but as always it was a wonderful day, one that was very productive for them.......... for me?? i just managed to stitch about 10 stitches into one of my Tender Moments designs!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Harvest Moon

How beautiful has that moon been?? The Harvest Moon, the full moon nearest the Autumn Equinox; a blessing for a strong harvest, for plentitude.

Autumn is finally here for us, after sudden heatwaves and bushfires, things are settling (and cooling down). Those gorgeous, rich Autumn colours inspire colours..... deep golds, browns, greens and burgundys.............and yes, the workload is plentiful!!! Nothing I can share just yet, but stay tuned!!!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Happy Easter!!

Artwork (and chocolates) courtesy of Cohen!!

From my family to yours......wishing you a safe and Happy Easter!! However you spend your holiday break may you be blessed with the love of your family.......and hope you get to stitch heaps as well!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Finish and A New Beginning!

After 3 solid days (and nights) of quilting, I have finally finished the Jelly Roll Quilt I started earlier in the year!Stippling the background and borders took forever but Im really pleased with the end result!! Im sure it will be one of those quilts that will be dragged all over the house. Just this morning I walked into the lounge and Cohen was snuggled up on the couch beneath it!!

So after a finish, you gotta start something new, right?? So I have gathered all my bits and pieces for a new design that Ive wanted to work on for awhile now:

Looks interested!! The fabrics are from Henry Glass Fabrics..... Jane Shasky:Dreaming of Roses.

Well off to have fun and create!!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Loving Redwork!!

I gave a sneak peek of a new design I was working on a few posts back....a redwork Xmas stitchery. Now while red isnt my favorite colour, I found it quick and easy to work on and because I had so much fun with it, i designed another!! So here they are:

A cheeky little reindeer, sharing the spirit of Xmas and:

A fun little snowman, sure to warm the heart!! Patterns are all ready and off to the printers tomorrow, so they should be in the store next week. I predict more redwork in my future. Its a wonderful way to present Xmas designs!!

Lastly, Im not one to do book reviews but I have just finished reading this book:

Anne Ida and Leigh were discussing it at lunch (while we were in Melbourne) and it had me intrigued. It is a beautifully written story, set in wartime Afghanistan. Some of the scenes were quite haunting but it was powerful, thought provoking and a great read, if anyones looking for a new book to read!! Im off to buy his next one....A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Monday, March 10, 2008

More DJ's

I am working on a few new designs, all of which I cant show just yet, so I thought Id share some of the DJ Blocks I have finished. This adds another 9 to my tally:

L5- Chattanooga Charlie, L4- St Georges Cross, A5- Cathies Campfire, C12- Family Reunion, C13-Lakota Sioux

E3- Paddle Wheels, D6- Challenge, J2- Picture Perfect, M5- Mothers Point

I have found calculating the pieces much easier with the help of the Dear Jane Square and Im sure the Triangle will be just as useful:

There are quite a few blocks which I will have to do by hand and as Im going to Melbourne for a Quilt Camp in April with Leigh (wooohoooooo!!!), I might get them all ready to stitch will Im relaxing in the Dandenong!!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

200th Post Winner

Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments on my new BOM so far. I did start to answer comments but Ive had a busy week, so please accept my thanks!!

Firstly, my giveaway parcel:

There is a copy of the Summer Garden Tablerunner pattern, the cottons and fabrics to construct the top and some gorgeous notecards I picked up while in Melbourne. The fabrics for the kit are in beautiful greens and apricots!!

So my darling daughter wrote down all the names (and times):

And then drew a winner:

Congratulations Tami!! I do hope you enjoy your gift. Just email me your snail mail address and I will send it off to you ASAP!!!

Thanks again to everyone!!!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Block 3

Hooray!! I finally found 5 mins to blog some sneaky peek pictures of Block 3. Things have been so hectic here and Im also fighting off some nasty viral infection which is just draining me!

So here they are:

Caterpillar stitchery and Twisted Star Block

Froggie Stitchery and Honey Bee Block

I am deliberatley not showing the centre stitchery blocks, Ill leave that to the final reveal!!

When I logged into Blogger, I realised that this post is my 200th post!! (wow i can talk!!) So I guess its time for a giveaway........just leave a comment and Ill draw a winner later in the week......(now all i need to do is find 5 mins to arrange a giveaway parcel!!)

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