Sunday, June 22, 2008

Craft Fair Preparations

It has been a very busy week finalising the prepartions for the Hobart Craft Fair. It is exciting but nerve racking at the same time!! Tender Moments is due back from the quilters tomorrow and after binding it, Im ready to go!!

I needed a project to teach in the daily workshops and as Sally had booked me in for applique and stitchery, I decided to combine both:

This is a reverse applique heart and a sweet and simple stitchery. It needed to be something they could work on in the 55 min timeslot, so hopefully they will fnish the applique and begin their stitching before their time is up.

Of course I had to make up a sample to give them an idea on what to use their little block for!!

I used my Simply Pretty bag pattern in Decadent Victorian fabrics!! Its amazing how different it looks!! A fun project to work on!!

Thanks for all your comments on the Black and White Tablerunner and just for the record.......she loved it!!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Black and White

The Black and White (and red) tablerunner is finished!!!

Im happy with the end result, even though these are not my colours. Im sure she is going to be very happy with it!!! These are Moda fabrics Daydreams Black & White by Deb Strain.

Poor little Cohen is feeling unwell (high fever, nausea and headaches) so he will be staying home from school with me for a few days!!! A mothers love can give great comfort at times like these but someone else has beaten me to it.........

..........another gorgeous Black and White creation!!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Putt Putt Anyone??

Today I found some much needed time to relax and play!!! It was a beautiful, sunny, yet quite chilly Autumn morning, so we needed a family activity. Mum and Dad favored the warm interior of the movie theatre ( I really wanted to see Kung Fu Panda!!!) but the kids had other plans.........Putt Putt Golf:

So we donned the winter warmies and off we went!!! It was ok while we were playing the holes that got the morning sun but in the shade, well the movies would have been better!!! lol

Cohen was the first one to score a "hole in one!!" on Hole # 5...."Way To Go Little Man"!!!:

I scored one on the 14th Hole!!! It was a fun morning, a little damp in places underfoot but the views are lovely:

And dont let these gorgeous little creeks fool you, the water is sooooooooo cold (oh Id only know that if I had to retrieve my ball from there lol):

After a yummy (and tummy warming) Chicken Snitzel and Gravy lunch we headed home to do our own things!!! Of course I headed to the studio!!!

For at least 18 months my sister has wanted me to make her a black and white tablerunner.....Im sure she picked the fabric 12 months ago!!!! So as her birthday is approaching I decided to start:

Black and white is soooooo not me and at first I really struggled with it but then I threw in some red and it seemed to work!!!! I have decided to machine applique the flowers on this. When I brought my machine I was impressed that it could do "mirror applique" and yet it has taken me almost 12 months to actually try it. It was a bit tricky at first but once I got used to it, I can see myself using it more often!!!

Lastly, I had a plea email from my Auntie Julie last night!! She and a friend make small quilts and donate them to the Maternity Ward of our local Hospital for the still born babies. Unfortunatley the quilts go quickly, which is really sad and the one thing that holds up their production is quantities of pellon or thin wadding. They have access to my scraps but if you are local (or somewhere close!!) and would like to donate any scraps, these amazing ladies would appreciate your help!! Just contact me and I will forward on your details to Julie...........keep up the great job girls!!!!

Friday, June 13, 2008


After what seems like an eternity, I have a new bag pattern:

I stitched this stitchery months ago (for something completley different and then didnt use it) and in the end it became the central focus of this simple bag!!! Add a couple of heart yo-yo's and its the perfect bag for your stitching or your knitting or for a day shopping with the girls!!!

Im still busy getting ready for the Hobart Craft Fair but Ive also spent some time in the kitchen. Homemade soup is a favorite in our family and I love to try different combinations. I make big batches and freeze them, they make great meals for my MIL (at least i know she has her vegetables!!!) trying to work on the "perfect" damper to accompany them:

Tonights damper comes pretty close..........this is a Pumpkin, Bacon, Cheese (and onion and herb) Damper...... yummy warm with butter!!!!!........the perfect accompliment to soup on a cold night!!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Tender Moments

All Im doing thesedays is pattern writing, how I miss spending time behind my machine!!! But its all for a worthy cause, Tender Moments is nearing completion (and release):

Id really love to share with you the sentiments behind this design. Dinner time for us as a family, is a time for sharing the experiences of the day (some great, some not so great!!!). With both children at school you can imagine the chatter and the dinner time, way back in November I just sat and watched my family. I cant remember the conversation, I was more focused on the family as a whole, the mannerisms, the closeness, the excitement in their eyes............ the Tender Moments that make you feel special, yet can go unnoticed........... so a design and a quilt was born!!

I chose to mirror the sentiments of this quilt with my love of often we see things without actually noticing them.........a spider in its web, a bee looking for the flowers etc etc and also my absolutley favorite blocks (except the Log just didnt work!!!)

Tender Moments is dedicated to my husband Les.....there has not been a day in our 23 years together that myself or our children havent felt special and loved!!! That day, way back in November I stopped and appreciated the family bond we have.......this is for you baby!!!

So this is where you will find me for the next few days.........notice the big bowl of Chocolate Eclairs beside the coffee??? How else can I get through the pattern writing???? Lol

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Trip To Victoria

I have just come back from a lovely few days in Melbourne , Victoria. Sally and I were kindly invited as guests, for a new Quilt shop opening, Anam Cara Patchwork and Gifts (Celtic for "soul friend").

The new store is in Shepparton, which is a wonderful place and although we didnt have the time to go exploring, its a place Id love to revisit with the family!!

Debbie, Rhonda and Julie are the owners of Anam Cara and they were just wonderful, making us feel so welcome. They have done a fantastic job setting up the shop and I wish them all the success with their new business venture. They have some wonderful classes coming up in the near future and they have their friendship days were anyone can come along and sit and sew in their huge class area!!!

Lots of pretty fabrics and patterns, it was hard to restrain ourselves......ok I did buy a Jelly Roll and a Charm Pack!!!

They also have a fantastic range of Quilting accessories and giftware. By lunchtime the shop was full with excited shoppers and we all enjoyed a chat, coffee and some yummy cakes!!!

We got to visit quite a few stores over the 3 days, so you can imagine our suitcases were full to the brim (the excess luggage fee was worth it!!!). We also got to meet the ladies from Blue Willow what a wonderful shop and such talented designers!!! I could have spent all day there!! They will be joining us at the Hobart Craft Fair at the end of the month.....cant wait!!!

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