Sunday, June 28, 2009

Psssst!....wanna sneak peek?

This week I have been finishing up a magazine project which is due for release in October. I can only give a sneak peek for now.

I used a stitchery that I designed quite some time ago and paired it with some lovely Civil War Crossing fabrics, using my favorite borders, Pioneer Braid:

I love the colours, so warm!!! It all worked well together, cant wait to see it in the magazine now!! With the pattern almost written and ready for posting, I should be able to get back to this new design:

What could it be?? Hopefully it wont take me long to finish it up! (Thats if I can continue to keep this yucky flu at bay!!!)

Friday, June 19, 2009

I ♥ Sydney!!!

What a gorgeous place Sydney is! Ive just been going through my 100's of photos and I really cant wait to go back, with the family and explore some more.
Jules and I stayed with the lovely Sue (on the left) and her amazing family. They made us feel so welcome and pampered, it was really hard to leave. Thats Sues sister Jenny on the right with her 3 month old son Declan, who was just adorable!!! We were also joined by Kathy from Rockhampton and we had a fabulous time!!
Jules and I became the typical tourists, snapping photos of everything and soaking in the Sydney lifestyle. It was great to eat a "grown up" lunch at a restuarant (no MacDonalds for us!!) and to be able to just take our time wandering around Darling Harbour and Circular Quay.

There was so much to look at and so much to explore and we didnt see half as much as we would have liked! But we managed to cram a lot into our little holiday!!

We were so proud of ourselves......we mastered the trains and the ferries and although we had to stop and ask for directions a few times, we didnt get lost!!!

Before we went to the Craft Fair, Sue took us to this remnant shop in Alexandria. It was a great place to look around and lots of bargains. All the Moda precuts and fabrics were very reasonable, so if your in Sydney pay them a visit or visit their website here.
The Craft Fair was great!! Lots to look at and lots to inspire. It was great to catch up with Chrissie from Blue Willow Cottage and to meet Sue Daley.....her work is amazing!!

We visited the Sydney Aquarium and I think my favorites were the penguins.....

.....and the Dugongs. We spent so much time watching them swim so gracefully. It was difficult to get good pics but they are beautiful to see!!
So what did I buy on our holiday? A few things for the kids and......
.....a few things for me. A Honey Bun of Hello Betty, a few fat quarters, ric rac, needles and of course buttons!!! Oh and a tape measure that is 120" long, which should make life a little easier.
Jules thanks so much for a wonderful girls holiday! I had so much fun and I cant wait for our next one. Where we going???

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Top Almost Complete

My Philadelphia Pavement quilt top is almost complete, I just need to add a couple of plain borders and its ready for quilting!
(I apologise for the photos but it is dark and wet here and its so big I just threw it on the bed). I think the colours work well together, even though they are different to the original quilt made by Barbara Snyder Stoner in 1895.
I love the centre diamond, this is a really lovely layout and it has been fun to do but I must say that Im pleased to have this part of it complete!!

It is huge already so I am debating on the borders but Ive got a few days to think about it......Jules and I are off to Sydney for 4 days, for some "girl" fun!! Cant wait, you packed yet Jules?? Ill tackle the borders when I get back next week!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wet Weather Activities

The first week of the school holidays has been cold and wet but we havent minded, keeping busy with inside projects. Theres been lots of reading, games to play, some cooking and of course, some sewing.
I decided to work on my Philadelphia Pavement quilt over the holidays. Its just over half way there now and watching the pattern emerge has been great!! Its going to be quite large when its finished, around 98" and although I have no plans for it (I just had to make it), Maddi has claimed it for her room........didnt I just make her a new one?? lol
Lots of tiny 1 3/4" squares ......cant wait to quilt this one! I plan to just crosshatch the squares but Im not sure what I'll do in the borders yet! My goal is to finish the top over the holidays but we will see how we go!!
Ive also finished my token winter knitting project for the year so I can pack the needles away! I really need to learn to knit something other than a scarf!!! I couldnt resist this wool though when I went shopping with my mum a few weeks ago. Its lovely and soft and the colour is gorgeous!!
I also wanted to share a lovely gift that Jules made for me for quilting her quilt.........which turned out lovely and was well received by her mum!!

We had been talking about storing ribbons in a straw container, so Jules made me one complete with a pincushion on the top, some gorgeous ribbons inside and if you look closely the bottom is filled with pretty buttons. I love it, clever girl she is!!
Back to the sewing, cant wait to see how it will look when its finished......that is after a couple of games of "Go Fish" with the kids, we got a tournament happening here lol

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