Thursday, February 25, 2010


I have so many projects on the go at the moment, some for later in the year, some for commitments and some for my friends wedding which is in a few weeks!! just doesnt feel like Im accomplishing anything. I needed a quick project and as the tablerunner on our coffee table was looking a little worse for wear.....perfect, it was time for a new one!
No time to design something new, so I adapted one of my own patterns Daisy Walk. I made it a little bigger and added the triangular ends. Im happy with the end result.
The warm country colours work well in our home and as Id originally designed this pattern in soft lemons and apricots, it was great to see how it worked with stronger colours.

Ive had these Madiera fabrics for ages, some of them had been cut up and stored in a box for a project I knew Id never finish so it was good to get them out and use and enjoy them. It may only be a small finish but its helped regain my focus and get back to all these other projects! Hmmmm but which one????

Thursday, February 11, 2010

21 Wonderful Years!!!!

Happy 21st Anniversary my favorite man!!
Every day has been one to treasure!!
Love you so much and look forward to sharing the next 21 years with you!
We walk this path together, today, tomorrow and forever!! xxx
(Promise to share what Im doing with this little stitchery soon. Friends of ours are getting married in a few weeks, which is very exciting!!!)

Thursday, February 4, 2010


If the Grinch stole Christmas, who stole January????? I cant believe its February already......that means that next week these two..........

........are back to school and what a huge year its going to be!!!!

We have had a relaxing holiday, lots of sleep ins, PJ days, swimming, LEGO, reading and cooking. Its about this time of year that I really wish I homeschooled these two. I love spending my days with them and dropping them off at school on Wednesday is going to be hard.

I just wanted to share their own little places here on the internet. Maddi has dreams of becoming a doctor but she is also an aspiring writer. She has her own blog here and over the holidays has been interviewing other unpublished authors as well as sharing all her teenage her new addiction, clothes!!! She is part of a wonderful supportive community of writers and is able to contribute and learn so much.

Cohen dreams of being a scientist (this week anyway lol) but for his birthday he wanted a camcorder to make his own movies. He loves anything Lego or Pokemon and watches 100's of You Tube reviews. He is just starting to make his own movies and trust me, he is soooooooo cute. You can watch his movie here.

Guess with the holidays almost over, Ive got no excuse not to get back to work!!! Quilty post soon!

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