Chatelaine- Free BOW Sampler Quilt Border Inspiration Part 2

In Part 2 of my Border Inspiration, I'm going to share how I bordered my Chatelaine Sampler (and give you a few sneak peeks of my quilt). Firstly, I set my blocks on point, which is a lovely, classic layout for sampler quilts. I used Option 3A in the On Point  Layouts file, which can be found HERE:
Once the quilt centre was complete, there were a few things I needed to consider before adding my borders:
  • I wanted a simple, scrappy border, incorporating all the fabrics I had used in the blocks.
  • There would be no fabric purchasing; stash busting only, so I was working with fabrics and quantities I had on hand.
  • I wanted the border to frame the blocks, not overpower them. Those blocks must shine.
  • Large border elements would look out of proportion to the tiny piecing in the blocks, so I wanted smaller elements to compliment..
  • I wanted to float the quilt centre and give the quilt lots of lovely negative space.
  • The finished size of the quilt centre (a little over 59" x 79") meant I had a little fudging to do to make the borders fit.
With those things considered, I chose a simple, scrappy checkerboard border, with some pretty baby pinwheels in each corner:
Borders like this, work so well with quilt tops that finish at a size that isn't easily divisible by 2,3,4,5 etc. but they also give the quilt a lovely frame, without overpowering the blocks. My quilt centre finished at a little over 59" x 79" and with the added borders, my quilt top finishes at 77 1/2" x 97 1/2".
So here's a rough idea of the look I was hoping to achieve:
I love how open and uncluttered the quilt looks and feels. I did consider doing something dramatic and fancy in the corners but instead I kept it simple and added the pinwheels, which break the checkerboard and to add another element of interest to the borders.
So instead of going into all the details/measurements etc. with you here, I have compiled a file for you to download which has all of the information included. (Please note, if you have chosen a horizontal layout, you will need to adapt the lengths of the borders to suit)
You can download and print the file by visiting HERE.
I hope I have provided some inspiration for your quilt borders. You can find Part 1 of my Border Inspiration, HERE. I'll keep adding ideas to my Pinterest board, as I find them, so you have another point of reference to use for this quilt or any other quilt you make in the future.
As I mentioned earlier in the week, I am quilting my Chatelaine but as soon as its finished, I will take it out for a photo shoot and share as many photos as you can bear to look at :)
Until then, I'll get back to that quilting :)


  1. I don't know. I can stand to look at a LOT of pictures of this quilt! I love this border idea!

  2. Hello. A friend shared this wonderful link with me. It looks so fun to make! I love mixing and matching prints and colours. So many options and such good instructions. Thank you for making it available. I’m wondering whether the pattern will stay around for a bit as I’m leaving town for a few weeks and won’t get to start until I return home.

    1. Yes the patterns will still be there :) I have no plans to remove them :) Enjoy the sampler, it was such a fun project to work on and share with my readers. Take care on your holiday :)


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