Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake

Our apple trees have been loaded with fruit this summer. The apples may have been smaller than in previous years, probably due to the weather, but they are juicy, crisp and oh so yummy. I've used a lot for cooking and I've pureed and frozen a good supply for the winter months, to add to porridge and cakes etc. Yesterday, I picked another basket of apples and used some of them for an old family favorite, an Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake:
Nothing beats a lovely tea cake and this one is divine. Those classic apple and cinnamon flavours are truly soul warming and those cooking smells fill the kitchen with home baked goodness. My grandmother always made a lovely tea cake. She served her's warm, drizzled with melted butter and sprinkled with a generous amount of sugar and cinnamon. I think that's why I loved this cake so much as a child; the waiting time from the oven to the plate was short ;)
I love to play around with old family recipes and put my own stamp on them so for this tea cake, I add the cinnamon to the batter and arrange some sliced apples to top. After cooking, its brushed with melted butter and sprinkled with some demerara sugar, and then its ready to serve. I'm sure grandma would love my variation of her tea cake, as she was a huge fan of these traditional flavours and she was always looking for ways to cook the apples from her garden.
The cake itself, is moist and light and the cinnamon gives it that beautiful, inviting colour.  The apple is sweet and juicy and you could serve it with some whipped cream or ice cream but its also perfect just as it is. The demerara sugar, does add some more sweetness but it also gives a little crunchy texture to the cake. Be as generous as you want with the sugar, I will not judge :)
It's perfect for morning or afternoon tea with a steaming hot cup of tea and coffee but its also great to pop in the picnic basket, on those warm days, to end your meal of sandwiches or salad rolls.
If you would like to try my Apple & Cinnamon Tea Cake you can download the recipe HERE or right click on the image below and save it to your computer for later.
It is a gorgeous cake and my family really enjoyed it this weekend. I probably don't cook it as often as I should but I guess it then becomes a treat we look forward too. Although it uses on a few apples, it is another recipe to add to your list as you bake your way through the seasonal fruit and everyone will love you for it :).
Happy baking :)


  1. This cake is a favourite in my house too... I just can smell it... yammie...*Ü*...

  2. Thank you very much. That is a great recipe. Have a good day. =) Hugs.

  3. This sounds delicious. I have a question though. You say grease and line the pan. Do you line the bottom and the sides if using a springform pan, or just the bottom?

  4. Hi Rose, thanks heaps for another great recipe. All your recipes are just yummy. Guida


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