Ophelia Mini Quilt + Your Free February 2018 Calendar

I'm so excited to share a new mini quilt pattern with you today. Its been such a long time since my last one (November) and they really are the highlight of my month. Let's just dive straight into it shall we and welcome the stunning Ophelia to my pattern family:
Ophelia is a scrappy style, paper pieced and pieced mini quilt and once again I've used the gorgeous Charleston and Les Petits fabrics from Amy Sinibaldi. You may be tired of seeing me use them (we can no longer be friends, kidding) but I picked these fabrics for a couple of reasons:
  1. I love them ♥
  2. They looked so gorgeous in a stack and I wanted to see how many I could use in a mini.
  3. I love them ♥
  4. Refer to number 1 and number 3 :)
They are stunning fabrics and I just ordered her newest fabric line Dollhouse, which is (squeal) adorable :) They are a beautiful mix of greys, pinks and apricots but I'll share more on those in another post.
I love the scrappiness of this design and can you see the hidden ribbon star? It's so subtle and sweet. As I mentioned, the fabrics look so pretty in a stack and I wanted to see how many I could use in a mini. I think I got 14 different ones into this 15" square quilt.
The background is a soft mix of white homespun and a low volume cream/coral, giving the mini depth and that gorgeous checkerboard effect.
The centre block is paper pieced in four easy sections and then the border is pieced with simple units, so it goes together quite quickly and easily. Its the perfect weekend project and a great use of your favorite scraps.
In Greek, Ophelia means "help" so this mini is designed to have you shopping your stash and using some of those pretty fabrics. See how helpful I am? :)
I quilted my Ophelia mini with a loopy stipple to give it that lovely texture and I finished it off with the navy binding to frame all those gorgeous fabrics.
I'm always trying to improve my patterns and give you more value for money, so this year I'm adding something extra to my PDF patterns. I talk lots about making multiples of mini quilt blocks for larger quilts so I decided to start including some layout suggestions to help you out. They are a visual guide only and you will need to work out sashings etc. but they give you some inspiration. Its also interesting to see how blocks change in multiples or in different settings. Anyhoo, I hope they are helpful to you and I'm only an email away if you need help adapting any of my designs :)
So, if you would like to make your own Ophelia mini quilt, from today until the end of February you can purchase the PDF pattern at the discounted price of $4.95 (AU) in my Big Cartel shop HERE.
Or if you prefer an instant download, PDF patterns are also available in my Etsy shop, HERE.
And I know I forgot the January one, but I do have your free February 2018 calendar, featuring the stunning Ophelia:
Just pop over HERE to download and print :)
Well that felt good! I love releasing a new mini pattern and I hope you have fun with Ophelia. I enjoyed auditioning all of the fabrics for this scrappy mini and its nice to have all of my favorites in one little quilt. I hope you can do the same :)
Happy sewing :)

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