Casual Granny Square CAL- Part Two

Last Thursday, Mandy from Crochet Redagape released the second installment of her Casual Granny Square CAL and this month it was the Cluster Flower. Her patterns always excite me so I grabbed my hook and started crocheting straight away:
The squares are quick and easy to crochet but the hardest part was deciding on which colours to use from my stash. After some deliberation, I decided on two squares of each colour way and I was thrilled, I'm loving these combinations ♥ They have that vintage feel to them and they look like a flower garden surrounded by a white picket fence.
Mandy's patterns are always easy to follow and her step by step photo's are super helpful if your learning or unfamiliar with a new pattern. She inspires me to use more colour in my crochet because her combinations are always so beautiful and bright. I usually try and stick closely to her colour palette but I went a little rogue with these ones :)
Sometime this week she's releasing a border option for each square which will be the start of the joining process. From the sneak peeks, I think it might be a lacy join (YAY!) ......we will see :) I'm sure it will be beautiful and another fun and new technique to try :)
My blanket is going to be colourful which is exactly what I was aiming for. My goal was to use the yarns I already had and to incorporate as many of the colours as I could throughout the blanket :) I will have to buy some white yarn as we go along but this project is a great way to destash some of my yarns. I have lots of half skeins and a project like this is the best way to use them up.
I'm looking forward to seeing what Mandy has in store for us next month. I'm sure it will be another beautiful square to add to our collection. If you'd like to join in and crochet a sampler blanket of your own you can find all the details on getting started on her blog, HERE.
Just before I go I wanted to share a gift I received last week from a very lovely lady who reads my blog and gives me so much encouragement to keep sharing the things I share. Thanks Ruth ♥
How gorgeous is that ceramic heart? I love it and its hanging in Threadbare HQ so I can see it while I work. Thank you so much for your kindness Ruth, it really made my day :) You are the sweetest soul and so very thoughtful ♥
I'll be back very soon with a magazine project to share but until then......Happy crocheting :)


  1. I LOVE the colors you are using!

    1. Thanks Jackie. I want it to be colourful and bright so I'll use as many as I can 😊


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