Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Laura Fringe Infinity Scarf

I shared a link on Sunday for the Laura Fringe Infinity Scarf and its such a quick and easy pattern to crochet so I thought I would share my finished scarf with you:
This scarf took me two nights to finish and the pattern is a simple two row repeat. I chose a lovely chunky denim wool which I purchased from Spotlight. Its a 100% acrylic but its the squishish, softest acrylic I've ever worked with. It comes in a few colours and there's a subtle white fleck running through the yarn, giving it the denim effect.
The fringe is what makes this scarf I think. It adds a soft feminine look to the scarf and adds width without too much bulk around your neck. I love wearing scarves at any time of the year but during winter I prefer an infinity scarf and it has to be snugly and soft. I do like the size of this one and where it sits around my neck and its super warm and toasty.
I mentioned that I also had plans to make one for a friend, and because they are quick I finished her's as well:
I chose the lovely blue yarn for Annie's and that way we can wear them at the same time and not feel like we are twinning it too much :) I do love the blue and it would be perfect with my black jackets so I may have to make another and not wear it when Annie and I are together.
You can see the white fleck a little better in this picture; its more noticeable in the blue yarn and it adds such a pretty touch. If you're in Australia and looking for this yarn you can purchase it at Spotlight HERE. Its inexpensive and I used two skeins for each scarf.
If you want to crochet your own Laura Fringe Infinity Scarf, you can find the free pattern HERE. Annie and I are thrilled with ours (she didn't take it off all afternoon when I gave it to her) and we can't wait for winter so we can wear them.
I'm thinking of crocheting a couple for my Threadbare Handmade shop as well, so if haven't already head on over and like my shop to receive updates of new items I list :)
Happy crocheting :)


  1. This is such a lovely scarf! I haven't crocheted in a few years, but I'd love to give this pattern a try. I really love a soft, snuggly scarf during the winter too and this style is just right! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and the pattern link!

    1. Its a nice easy pattern to ease you back into crochet Kathy. The scarf is snugly and soft and I think its the perfect size to tuck into a coat without too much bulk. Have fun :)

  2. Wow Rose these are fantastic, thanks for sharing the finished items. Take care, Guida.

    1. Thanks Guida. They are lovely. Im looking forward to some colder weather so we can wear them 😊

  3. Gorgeous. Adore the colours. I Love to crotchet - I make things up as I go. Never finish anything and have no idea how to read a pattern. Doesn't sound productive at all.


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