Week Ending (June 24)

Happy Sunday creative peeps! Thanks so much for all the love you showed my new quilt pattern Hestia. I really do love this quilt and I'm so thrilled you do as well. I'm eager to see all of your versions of this gorgeous pattern :)
OK, lets have a look at the inspiring links I found on the net this week:

  • Last week I shared a Pav In A Cup but did you know you can also cook a Pavlova in Your Slow Cooker? Nope, me either :) It could be worth a try and it does look pretty yummy. 
  • There's nothing more terrifying than thinking your sewing machine is broken. Its a heart in your throat kinda moment but most times problems arise due to simple maintenance issues or not understanding your machine. Home Repairs! The Top 11 Reasons You Think Your Machine Is Broken is a great article to help you solve some common problems without a trip to your service agent.
  • You can never have too much storage and this Rainbow Basket is adorable. It would be perfect for the sewing room, kids bedroom or play room. It is a paid pattern and offered for a very reasonable price.
  • Do you or someone you know love owls? I found another paid pattern for these fabric Easy Owl Ornaments and these guys are super cute. I love how they are perched on sticks and they would look so sweet in any room. I think I need some :)
  • When I was a child, Sunday mornings meant church and then scones for morning tea at my grandparents. My nan made the best scones ever and they were the highlight of our week. I make plain or savory ones all the time but I want to give these Capilano's Honey and Date Scones a try. The combination sounds divine.
  • Have you ever tried macrame? Its a craft that's taken off again in popularity and the beautiful wall hangings far surpass the old pot plant hangers of the 70's. Once you have Learnt Three Basic Knots your own your way to a whole new addiction apparently. I wanna try one!
  • And lastly, I love this Victorian Lattice Square. Its such a pretty crocheted square and the coloured blanket is so clever. This would be a fun block to play around with.
So that's it for another week. I hope your enjoying a weekend of creativity, family and a whole lot of love. ♥ 
Happy Week Ending :)

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