Two Block Wonders

For some time now I've wanted to add some easier, more beginner friendly quilts to my pattern family. My plan was to use a simple combination of two gorgeous pieced blocks and make some stunning quilts - which I'm affectionately calling two block wonders.
My first design is underway so I thought I'd give you a look at my progress:

Simple blocks call for pretty fabrics and there's nothing prettier than Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I selected a bunch of my favorite prints from several of their fabric lines, which was actually harder than I thought as they all appear be my favorite, but I managed to narrow them down ;)
I love their fabrics because all of the lines work so well together which means you only have to sew together your favorites prints and your guaranteed a gorgeous quilt.

With my fabrics selected, it was time to chose two blocks to star in this first quilt, and again I seem to have too many favorites to choose from. If you followed along with my Free Chatelaine Sampler Quilt, you'll know I love all quilt blocks equally.
Because I wanted a beginner friendly design there really was no contest, the first block had to be the gorgeous Sawtooth Star:

For this quilt design I'm letting the gorgeous prints frame the crisp white stars. These blocks come together so quickly and they look simply stunning.
The Sawtooth Star is such a versatile block and even though I design lots of gorgeous geometric paper pieced stars, I love this block the most. Each delicate star point is nestled into those gorgeous prints, and regardless of how many I've made in my quilting life, when the sewing is done and I press the final seams back to reveal the star, my heart still skips a beat ♥

I chose a gorgeous Chain Block as my second block to tie all the stars together. I'm using the same navy print for all of my secondary blocks so I can strip piece the units quickly and easily, and they will create a colour flow along both diagonals of the quilt.
Simple doesn't need to be boring and the one advantage of a two block wonder quilt is alternating which block you sew that day. You can start your sewing day with a few stars and then sew up a couple of chain blocks - its not as repetitive and it will help to keep you motivated.

So far I've sewn half of the blocks required for this first quilt and I'm loving how its looking so far. I'm eager to get it all together because as I've been sewing I've been dreaming up some other lovely two block combinations that I cant wait to try.
I best get back to the sewing machine then!
Happy quilting :)


  1. Rose, a winning idea, and a beautiful combination. I really like those fabrics with the white star centers. I look forward to seeing how this looks all put together.

    1. Im so glad your excited about this quilt Susan. Its looking lovely ☺ its such a fun design and those fabrics are the prettiest 😍

  2. Two of my favorite blocks as well. I do love those fabrics - they look so clean and crisp.

    1. Thanks Teresa, you really cant go wrong with Bonnie and Camille fabrics. I love them so much!


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