French Market Bag

One of my favorite things to do is visit our weekly Farmer's Market. I love the look and taste of homegrown organic fruit and vegetables, and roaming the stalls of brightly coloured produce has me salivating and dreaming up our weekly meal menu.  You're guaranteed the freshest produce and the best part is that you get to meet the people who grow your food.

When I saw the French Market Bag from Two of Wands, I knew it would be perfect for my market shopping and I had to crochet one for myself.

How chic it that? Just like the net grocery bags the French women use on their daily shopping trips. I can pretend I'm roaming the streets of Paris with some cheese and a bread stick poking out of my market bag. :)

Tasmania has been a plastic free state for years, so bringing your own shopping bags whenever you shop is a necessity. I have different bags for different purposes and now I have a Farmer's Market Bag for my weekly fresh produce and cut flowers etc.

This bag also reminds me of the string bags my mother and grandmother carried their "parcels" in whenever we went shopping. I was always amazed at how much these string bags could hold as carefully wrapped parcel after parcel was stored inside.

This French Market Bag holds a lot, and I mean a real lot. It's designed to expand which is great for shopping, but you could also use if for your beach or picnic requirements.

The pattern is super easy to follow, and it crochets up very quickly and easily, plus its lots of fun to make. I used my new favorite Lionbrand 24/7 cotton yarn in a lovely purplish shade, and I'm about to start a second bag in a gorgeous aqua and then maybe one in mint.

I did use a slightly smaller hook (3.75mm) because I consider myself to be a loose crocheter, and I wanted to give the mesh a little extra structure to hold my weekly haul.

The best part is that the French Market Bag folds up neatly and I can keep it in my handbag for those unexpected shopping trips. If you're like me and buy way more on a quick supermarket trip than you intend, then this market bag is for you!

Plus it looks really stylish. I was quite surprised when Madeline asked me to crochet one for her as well - I was expecting her to think it old fashioned or little old ladyish but she loves it! ;)

I urge you to have a try of this French Market Bag pattern. It is a freebie and it's achievable for all levels of crochet, plus you can look stylish and chic while you shop, just like the French woman do.

Happy crocheting :)
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  1. Thanks. I think it is a very useful bag. And yours in purple is really cute. Hugs.

    1. I love it Agueda. I think I need to crochet one in every colour. Very chic! :)

  2. That is really in purple, and it does look really handy. We still use plastic bags here, but they are planning on taking that away sometime soon.

    1. It's a gorgeous shade Shasta - I love the Lionbrand 24/7 colours! The switch to cloth bags was painless for us (you always get some complainers, and so much better for the environment. You can get prepared early and crochet a heap of these for your shopping :)


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