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If you're new to my blog or looking for some Easter project inspiration, this post shares some of the most popular Easter projects I have here on the blog. Have fun!

Morning lovely! 

Before I start sharing some new Easter projects, I thought I'd post a recap of some of the most popular projects I have on the blog already.

I know I have a lot of new followers (welcome lovelies!), and this is an easy way to introduce you to some of the Easter patterns, recipes and crochet projects I've shared over the years. 

In the coming weeks I have some exciting new Easter projects for you to create, but for now here's a few to get you started and inspire you to craft for the upcoming season.

Mini Quilt Pattern

When I added Grace to my mini quilt pattern family, I knew she was special, but I didn't anticipate how popular she would be - you guys love her so much!

I've received photos of so many beautiful versions of this mini quilt, including one lady who increased the size of the quilt to hang at church. It makes me so proud, and Grace will forever remain one of my favorite designs.

Grace is perfect for Easter, and you can purchase a copy of the PDF pattern HERE.

Easter Mug Rugs

Last year I added the Egg Hunt Mug Rugs pattern to my Etsy shop. The pattern includes both egg designs and they are a delightful FPP project that will add a touch of Easter to your home or office.

Mug rugs make lovely gifts, and you can include a mug, some chocolate or home baked goodies to make it even more special. 

You can purchase a copy of the PDF pattern in my Etsy shop HERE.

Easter Quilts

In 2019 I shared my Easter HST Quilt. It didn't live very long at my house - my daughter took it home with her - but it was super fun to sew, and I enjoyed it for the few days I had it. ;)

This quilt is constructed very quickly, and it has a very simple layout. I also shared a detailed tutorial for making four HST's at once (a time saver) so all you need to do is choose some pretty Easter fabrics and start sewing.

You can read all the details on the quilt HERE and use the HST tutorial HERE

In 2021, I decided to make another Easter quilt (for me to keep this time) and the Easter HST Quilt 2.0 became an informal sew along on the blog. 

This sew along is divided into four parts and it includes everything you need to make your own quilt. 

If you start with this post HERE, all the information and links are included. Have fun! :)

Free Quilt Blocks

If you're looking for a little cuteness this Easter, I have two free block patterns on the blog. Bonita Bunny and Chester Chicken have been loved and sewn by so many of you, and they're so delightful.

Both patterns contain foundation paper piecing templates for three sizes - 6", 8" & 10" - and you can use them together in projects or choose your favorite one to sew for Easter.

You can find Bonita Bunny HERE and Chester Chicken HERE.

I also have an Easter Basket free block pattern that makes a basic basket block and I've included ideas for the 3" focal block to inspire you.

The free block pattern does include FPP templates for the heart block to get you started but be creative and choose a variety of 3" blocks to make them unique.

You can read more about the Easter Basket Free Block Pattern HERE and see what I made with my blocks HERE.

Crochet Projects

Last year I used Stitch Fiddle for the first time and designed a C2C Crochet Bunny Block. This was such a fun project, and I used the block to make cushions for the grandchildren.

The post includes the C2C chart, and I've also included the written instructions to make it easy. If you're new to C2C, there's also links to a wonderful tutorial with all the details.

You can crochet your own C2C Bunny Block by using the free pattern HERE.

One of my favorite Easter decorations are these gorgeous Granny Square Easter Eggs

This free step by step tutorial was a modified version of a pattern to fit the Styrofoam eggs I could purchase here in Australia. The original pattern is also linked in the post, so you have two options to make them fit the egg size available to you.

The tutorial for the Granny Square Easter Eggs can be found HERE

Easter Recipes

I have a few Easter recipes here on the blog and you can see them all HERE

The Old-Fashioned Carrot Cake (above) was one of my most popular downloads last year and it's delicious. 

There's lot of delicious recipes to try and I'll be added a few more during March.

I hope this recap post has helped you find some of the Easter projects I have on the blog. 

Over the coming weeks I'll be sharing some new projects to help you create a memorable celebration with your loved ones. I'm excited to add these projects to the blog and they are fun and easy to create.

My Week Ending posts will also be full of Easter inspiration so make sure you pop over every Sunday for a chat and a look at the projects I found during the week. 

Have fun!


Happy Easter planning :)

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