Crocheting It Your Way

Did you know that when time allows I accept custom orders in my Threadbare Handmade Etsy shop? I've just finished this sweet set of crocheted flower coasters for a lovely lady who was very eager to have a set of her own:

I usually limit custom orders to smaller items such as coasters, mandala's etc. because I don't like to keep people waiting and I can squeeze them in between other projects.
I love brainstorming and selecting yarn colours with the customer, and I think this lady picked a winning combination. Aren't they gorgeous?

I also love hearing about where my work is going or who its being made for. I crocheted a baby blanket for a lady earlier in the year and she sent it to her adopted son and daughter in law in Pakistan. They had just welcomed a daughter to their family and lived surrounded by violence and poverty, so she wanted to bring them some joy. Its nice knowing I played a small part in making that happen.

I'm also open to trying new patterns so if you see something that you'd love crocheted let me know, I may be able to help you out (depending on the pattern, my deadlines and you
Crocheting is my night time hobby. I love to wind down with a hook and some yarn and it keeps me close to the family. I'm always looking for excuses to crochet and reasons to visit the yarn store, so really you're supporting my addiction ;)

If you're looking for a specific (smallish) item or you would like to place a custom order for something I already have listed, please send me a message via my Threadbare Handmade Etsy shop or email me. I'm happy to talk crochet with you anytime, and together we can make something pretty for you or for someone you love ♥
Oh and don't forget tomorrow is Granny Square Day. This will be my square:

I talked about Granny Square Day last year HERE but its as simple as crocheting a granny square, uploading it to Instagram using #grannysquareday2018 and become part of a huge virtual blanket. Its a fun idea and there's so many beautiful squares to drool over.
Have fun and happy crocheting :)


  1. does lots of crochet work, and loves to make mandalas (England). I love the little coasters, but the rose crochet square is so delicate I love it more! I enjoyed coming over from

    1. Thanks Ruth. I had made a few of Lucy's projects, she has such lovely patterns. I'm so glad you enjoyed your visit to my blog :)


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