Free Printable- Quilt Sizes

I have made myself a few "Quick Reference Charts" for the studio, which I have on the wall in front of me, while I'm designing. It makes me more vigilant, and I'm actually doing the Maths before I start anything new (as opposed to it being a complete nightmare once I've sunk my teeth into a new design with no real layout/size plan).
I thought they might be useful to you as well, so I'll be sharing them here, over the next few weeks so you can print them out and use them. The first one is a suggested guide for quilt sizes:
Each quilt size includes a suggested width and length range and I, like most, work in inches but I did include (to the nearest) centimetres, to cater for everyone.
It's handy to have a reference when sizing your quilts and I think they will make a lovely addition to your sewing space.
If you would like to download and print the free reference chart, just visit HERE.
Next time I'll be sharing the suggested size ranges for smaller projects, i.e. table runners, mug rugs etc, but for now I hope this one is useful :)


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    1. Thanks so much. Im happy you found this helpful :)


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