Friday, June 29, 2007

A Memorable Week

Ive had a very busy and productive week, but definitely a memorable one!! Monday the BOM quilt went to the shop, so all that was left to do was the patterns (all 21 of them!!!!) and finally they r all ready for sale....and ive sold some already, which is fantastic!! Heres a pic of it in shop:
Sally is relocating the store in the next few weeks, so it will get its own wall in the new shop. But its great, as soon as u walk in the door u see it!!!

Big news on the personal front, Tuesday i resigned from work!!! For those of u who know me well and love me in spite of it, once i make up my mind to do something....i just do it!!!! I had had enough of the job and it was time to move onto a new phase in my life.......i want to spend more time with the family and expand my business (i have a few new plans in the pipeline, which im excited about)..........but i didnt stay unemployed for long, Sally offered me a couple of days a week, working in the quilt shop (after she has relocated) who could say NO to working in a quilt shop???? is it really work??? lol

I also had the pleasure of meeting with one of my fellow bloggers Jenny, earlier in the week. She is a lovely lady and wonderful to chat to. We had some hot chocolate at this cute little restaurant and chatted for an hour and a half about blogging and families. It was great how we knew things about each other, yet we had never met..... all thanks to blogging!!!

Havent had a lot of time to actually sew anything but now the patterns r done, ill spend the weekend sewing....hope u guys do as well!!!

take care
Rose xxx

Monday, June 25, 2007

Playing with Fabric

I had a day off today, which was lovely after a busy weekend at work. After dropping Maddi at school, Cohen and I headed to my MIL's to do a few jobs for her and then we took my BOM quilt to the shop (sob sob) i was strong, i only played "tug of war" with it once lol
And just as an edit to the last post.....Sally told me it was going to Ulverstone for the Quilt show on the 27th but she forgot to mention the 27th of July not June lol.

I had another purpose there today, i wanted to get the borders for my SBS blocks....the pattern shows white borders but after seeing Anne Ida's gorgeous borders, i wanted coloured ones as this is what we chose, a Thimbleberries fabric (hope u like this Anne!!!):

The colour doesnt come out true in the photo, but i think it makes the blocks stand out and blends well with all the colours ive used so far. Plus i just adore blue and it matches our bedroom perfectly!!!

Last nite will checking out the blogs, i came across Leannes new "Making Memories Quilt". It is just gorgeous and i love the idea of preserving a special event in our lives. Maddis birthday is in a few weeks and i have tried to think of the perfect gift for her to remember turning 13, which i think is a pretty important today i got out my stash of Moda fabrics, played around with a few other "mixer" colours and started cutting blocks to make something similar.

Im going to make a large center block with Maddi's name and date etc on it and then scatter the plain cream squares throughout so that all those who see her for her birthday, can sign a block and write a little need for birthday cards!!!! She loves the idea and i have Leanne to thank for the inspiration.........mind u, not that i have time to start something new with these patterns looming but thats the way it goes lol

Tommorrow i am meeting one of my fellow Launceston bloggers for coffee....Im looking forward to it, I have met so many wonderful people on here and Im sure we will have lots to talk about!!

take care
Rose xxx

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Row C Complete

It was my weekend to work, so not a lot of time for sewing but i did finish the 3 remaining SBS blocks of Row C:

Crossed Canoes, Grandmothers Pride and Night and Noon

Thats 3 whole rows........only 11 more to go!!!!! oh dear. And no paper piecing....yet!!!

I love playing around with the colour combinations, im finding some fabrics at the bottom of my stash i cant remember buying ooops ....makes me wonder just how many quilts i could make with what i have, also makes me think "how much have i spent???" lol

I have been busy working on the BOM patterns....still havent taken the quilt to the shop yet, its going tommorrow!!! (well they didnt really need it over the weekend......i dont wanna give it up!!!) On Wednesday Sally is taking it to a Quilt Show in Ulverstone, so hopefully it will recieve a bit of interest!!!

I have started stitching my 2nd new design, i wont show u yet cause this one has a story attached (i can hear the groans!!!......just one more story i promise lol)

Well not much else exciting from me....hopefully this week ill get all the patterns finished and find some time for sewing some loggies!!

Take care
Rose xxx

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Blue Screen!!

I went to start up the computer on Saturday morning and all i got was the dreaded "Blue Screen", not a great thing to happen at anytime but more frustrating when it happens on a weekend!!!! so we only got the computer back from the shop today...........and i got heaps to share!!!! and heaps to catch up on when i go off and read everyones blogs later tonite.

Firstly, the Family Values BOM Quilt is finished!!!! (except for a final cotton check and erasing the chalk mark lines). I am so proud of this quilt, if i never design another thing, i have this quilt. I pour my heart and soul into everything i design but this one is extremely personal to me:

I am so glad i decided to rip out the stitcheries and reset them.....i love the colours, i love the way it feels.........i dont wanna give it to the quilt shop!!!!! lol Heres a close up of the quilting:

Im taking it in to Sally on Friday and then all thats left to do is write up the instructions for the last 10 stitcheries. She is so excited about it, she got me to take some photos and in Sept.(i think) she has taken out a full page ad in Homespun magazine using my quilt!!! exciting!!!

So after a marathon quilting session, i spent a day or so relaxing with my SBS blocks and "loggies". It was a great change of pace:

Heres Lady of the Lake, Grape Basket, Album and Northwind and for those who had forgotten what "loggies" im working on (it had been so long id almost forgotten lol) here they r:

Ive spent the last few nites stitching and watching TV with DH and i have managed to finish my house stitchery for my medallion wallhanging. I have kept the design very simple because im looking forward to a "busy" setting for this stitchery. Im going to use EQ6 on this one i think but im looking forward to the challenge:

The little saying goes as follows:
Our windows may need painting,
And our roof my need repair, but
Our house becomes the grandest home,
When the family are all there.

Last but not least, I have had a few enquires about where my patterns can be purchsed from....well my LQS The Country Quilter is now online and all of my patterns (except the Family Values BOM.....should be in a week or two) are available!!!

Take care and happy quilting
Rose xxx

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

I Havent Been Slack!!

The last week and a bit, for me has been spent quilting my Family Values quilt.....a total of 35 hours!!!! but its all done except the bindings!!!! and that was in between working and looking after my family (MIL included!!!) i celebrated!!! tonite i made 2 SBS blocks, the other one i stitched before i started quilting:

This is Sisters Choice at the top, Wedding Ring to the left and Contrary husband on the right....ohhhh how i love these SBS blocks....once im fully done with the quilt, im working on my "loggies" and my SBS quilts....just for awhile!!!
Happy stitching
Rose xxx

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Winter Fun!

Its the second week of the school holidays and DH and I have both taken this week off work to spend with the kids (although im on call, cause one of the girls quit on Thursday......everyone knows to ignore the phone!!!! lol)
We r definitely in Winter and although we r having low temperatures, the days have been sunny and bright, so we packed up this morning and headed out to Hollybank Forest (about 15 mins from our home).....luckily for us, no one braved the weather and we had the place to ourselves:

Rugged up with hats, coats, mittens and scarves we settled into the chalet and cooked up a yummy lunch:

There is nothing like cold weather, to make u appreciate the simple things in life....thermos coffee (about the only time ill drink it lol), sizzling food to warm ur hands and ur belly, those little places where the sun shines amongst the shade of the trees and the great company of family:

After lunch it was time to explore and it was absolutely beautiful.....the leaves r still falling and everything is damp and has lost its "crunch" underfoot but the colours r still amazing......there were mushrooms growing everywhere, so we had fun spotting our favorites:

The red one was a treasure to find and then we found this "colony" growing on and around an old tree stump.......i like to imagine them as little fairy homes!!!! (ok thats the child in me lol).....a short walk through the forest and we reached the pond:

A gorgeous oasis amid the forest......and if the water looks still, thats because it is frozen!!!!

The beauty of our surroundings kept us all captivated and we forgot the was a fantastic day!!! (the children r tired, so r the adults lol).....we definitely have to do that again....soon!!!
On a quilty note:

Sorry guys!!!.......u can take Mum out of the sewing room BUT she manages to take it with her!!!! lol

Take care
Rose xxx

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A New Project

Firstly Id just like to thank everyone for the lovely comments on the Family Values Quilt....I have endeavoured to thank u all personally but a couple did not have a reply email, so please accept my thanks!!
Quilting has begun and it is going really well (no flying broken needles this time lol) but it is going to take some time so i needed a new project for those in between moments when im curled up in the recliner with the family.
For some time now, I have had my next 2 designs floating around in my head, so last nite i started drawing them up and now i have one ready for stitching:

This one is for the centre of the medallion quilt i am planning to do....its a bit hard to see, but in the centre is a house and there is a lovely little verse that goes around the stitchery....all of which i will show better later on. I didnt realise how much i missed stitching until i sat down after dinner tonite and started. These projects r great for the school holidays because i can take them wherever we go and get small sections completed plus on these long cold winter nites, its great to be sitting in front of the heater with a mug of hot chocolate, stitching away!!!

Once again, thanks so much for ur encouragement, ur kind words and ur friendship!
Take care,
Rose xxx

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Ready to Quilt

We have had a lovely weekend, lots of laughs, a great shopping trip (which we all love!!!) , an all nite dance comp with my daughter in the lounge lol, cooking meals together, watching a DVD and just relaxing (the way weekends should be!!!!).....but i did sneak out this morning to the sewing room.....i had borders to put on!!!!........its done, so heres the new layout:

Very simple, very country and hopefully easy to quilt lol

Im happy with my decision to take out the stitcheries and put them in new layout, the colours r warm and strong and I stayed "almost" to my goal of only using my stash (only the final borders and the backing had to be purchased!!!):

Its a nice, quick and easy layout and most importantly, the stitcheries have been emphasied and not lost in the quilt.....i just love it!!! my quick sneak out to the sewing room ended up being a "little" longer than i intended:

Its all basted and sitting next to the machine, ready to start quilting tommorrow!!! I am really looking forward to getting actually back to where i started 2 weeks ago, except this time i love the quilt, so all should go well!!!

Hope u had a fantastic weekend!!!
Rose xxx

Friday, June 1, 2007

Family Values Part 4

Last installment of stitcheries, i promise lol.....these r the last 4 and three of them speak for themselves.........i just want to thank everyone for your patience with me sharing them and your wonderful, kind comments, i love what i do and it is fantastic to know others do as well.

As parents we believe in letting our children explore their own lives, its tough to live up to others expectations but we r there for them to help guide them, help them make decisions, help them with their problems and be there for them when they need us:

Life should be a celebration........every day is a gift and every moment should be treasured:

Ok im the "proud" parent.......u know the one, camera in hand but cant focus cause im all shaky and nervous and there r tears in my eyes lol and this can be for anything....Maddi winning an award or giving a speech or most recently (last nite) Cohen dancing at his first school social:

This stitchery is the last one in my quilt............remember that saying "u hold their hands for a moment but their hearts forever" ?? Both of my children have "always" grabbed for my hand or DH's and at times the whole 4 of us have walked down the street holding hands (making it difficult to get around people lol).......only this year has Maddi decided to walk alone and i can respect that.........we love our children so much and we hope to "hold their hearts forever"

Well there are the stitcheries, all of them my favorites for different reasons........the new quilt top is finished except for the final borders which i will put on sometime this weekend and then i will post the layout........i have promised the family some quality time this weekend and it started after work tonite.........we spent the nite with my MIL, who i just adore, had some dinner with her and one of her friends and just relaxed.......we got a "family lunch date" tommorrow and then a DVD nite and a relaxing Sunday in the PJ's (thats when i plan to sew the borders lol)

take care and i hope everyone has a fantastic, relaxing weekend!!!
Rose xxx
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