Monday, April 30, 2007

April Reflections

At the end of the month I like to reflect on all that has happened.......its hard to believe tommorrow is the start of May!!! April has been full of highs and lows for me. Needless to say the magazine commission would have to be a definite highlight for me.......although i had a minor panic attack on Saturday (was i worthy of this??? was i ready for this???) ok now, February is a long way off, so i have time for this to sink in!!!

The start of April saw a kinda slump for me......i felt overwhelmed with all i was working on and i had this creative energy that i couldnt do anything with (hence the autumn table topper lol....which BTW is now offically a UFO!!!).

The trip to Hobart for the Craft Fair was another highlight.......i loooove family trips, seeing the kids checking out the motel for the first time, chosing their beds, opening every cupboard, checking the television channels lol You get to teach them important "social" skills, taking them to resturants or strolling through antique stores and then u get to have FUN with in the car, pillow fights in a motel room, playing in the parks, visiting the chocolate shops and over indulging!! and then theres McDonalds for breakfast!!!!

I set a Goal List for April and i got side tracked....but thats ok, i need to think carefully for my goals for of the list will definetley be reaching my 480 block tally on my Log Cabins!!! much as i will be sad to see this project come to an end..........i got another loggie quilt all planned out!!!.......maybe for Maddis 13th birthday!!! Another defintite is my SBS blocks, i love these and need to set an achievable goal for May.........and can i squeeze in a couple of DJ blocks???........lets just wait and see!!

I have treasured every moment i have had with the kids and DH........we both work so hard that dinner together or watching a family DVD or reading a bedtime story or helping with homework is precious........but we manage to give as much as we can and i can proudly say that Maddi has moved up to the top group in spelling, she was one of three to complete her project and hand it in on time and her homework has been all correct.........and last nite when i read Cohen a story, he read it with me and his writing and drawings r really improving........we r so proud of our kids!!!

I have an amazing support circle of family and friends that r proud of all I achieve but i now have a wonderful group of amazing "blog" friends that share my frustrations, my joy and my love of quilting!!!........i thank each and every one of u for ur comments and emails.......ur encouragement, advice and belief in me, keeps me moving forward!!

Happy Quilting!!!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

SBS Blocks

This weekend I managed to clear up a few things in the sewing room. My desk was covering in sketches and pattern instructions (well actually scribbles which will become pattern instructions) and the ironing board was getting cluttered with half finished SBS i set to work and got these 2 finished:

Chinese Coin and Posies Around the Square.

It had been ages since ive done any needleturn applique, so i took awhile to get the hang of it again........they may not be perfect but i love them!!! I am really enjoying doing these blocks, they all present their own challenges and im learning new skills..... Im so grateful to Anne for introducing me to this quilt with her gorgeous blocks!!

No loggies for me again!!! but i cut out a heap of strips tonite, ready to sew next week, whenever i get a few spare minutes. Back to work for me tommorrow and this weeks shifts r long and tiring but i have enjoyed the last 4 days off, spending time with my family and sewing!!!

Hope ur weekend was great!!!

Saturday, April 28, 2007

Creating with the Kids!

It was one of those rare Saturdays.......i didnt have to work (hooray!!) and we didnt need to go anywhere, for any reason.......a family day at home. My body clock is just set to a 6am wake up, so i was up and about long before the others, did a load of washing and cooked a date loaf and a banana loaf (the aromas actually woke DH...sorry baby!!)

A quick trip to Spotlight for some supplies for the weekend (oh and just a few cute little buttons i couldnt resist lol) and was all ready to start the day. Maddi's best friend, Bianca came over to spend the day with her, so the girls headed off to the sewing room, while the boys hovered between the computer and DH's workshop.

The girls always like to do something "crafty" when they get together so today we tried something different:

Here they r busily working away on the "sock dogs" and believe me between the giggling and the talking and the mobile phones beeping at them every few minutes, its a wonder they got anything done lol........but they did and both of them were very pleased with their efforts:

Two cute puppies resting on my sewing room lounge (probably tired out from listening to all that talking and giggling lol). While they created i got to work on my Journal design and then later the applique for my SBS block.

The boys were busy as well. DH and Cohen put together his "dump truck" and then my budding little artist set to work decorating:

He didnt quite get all the painting finished.......maybe tommorrow!!! Its just so nice to have days like this.......watching the kids create something and see their joy when its completed....these days may be rare but they r definitley precious!!

Happy creating!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Thank You!!

Id firstly just like to thank everyone for their kind comments and emails for the magazine commission.......i guess u could tell i was pretty excited!!! I did forget to mention the name of the magazine, its Homespun and im sure their sales will skyrocket, just from my family and friends buying it!!! lol

My feet are firmly planted on the ground (cant wipe the smile from my face though lol) and i have my head down designing!!!

Poor little Cohen woke up covered in Hives, so i spent the day looking after him and stitching (he went to bed without any so hopefully the antihistamine has worked as it should):

This is my new design and totally inspired by the blogs last week on pretty notebooks. Now we established i am not a scrapbooker but i can stitch and quilt and so far im happy with the results:

The little drawing on the bottom is a design for a pen holder which i thought was a cute addition. Its a nice quick and easy project and im planning to have some pockets on the inside covers to store keepsakes (letters, postcards etc etc). Will show more as i progress.

No loggies sewn for almost a week now........i really really want to!!! i got this weekend off and plan to sew and sew and sew!!!!

(update on Maddis crush- he smiled at her today.......she cant stop talking about it!!!! i ready for this girl/ boy stuff......nooooooooo lol)

Happy quilting!!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Can My Day Get Better??

Ive had the most amazing day!!!!......i just wanna share. All started out as normal, shower, housework, wake the kids (how special r those kids antics when they resisting waking up?? lol).....then the phone rang!!! i was called in to work tonite cause one of the girls was sick (ok-ish lol).......took the kids to school (Maddi proudly holding her completed school project, which she has worked hours and hours on......well done girl!!!)..........then the groceries which i kinda sorta got in the budget (shhhhhh dont tell DH) and when i got home the mailman had been......he brought my own copy of the Dear Jane Quilt i got online;

Admiring and reading at the moment ,will tackle it when i got time (tommorrow morning is free lol) i printed and folded and packaged my patterns to take to the quilt shop, where i met the new prospective owner........she is just lovely and we had a great chat...........she will know on Thursday whether she takes over from Dot but she loves my patterns (has brought all of them herself and awaiting more!!!)......i came home, emailed a picure of the Threadbare design to my favourite magazine and then set to work creating...........i designed my next stitchery and then picked up the kids and treasured that 20 min drive to work (hearing about their day........Cohen visited the dentist, Maddi has a huge crush on????....jason lol).........then work!!!
When i came home tonite, i had an email from the magazine............they want the pattern!!!! not until Feb 2008, but they want excited!!!! beyond words, all that hard work, im excited!!!............and how proud r my fan club (Les, Maddi and Cohen)??
I just wanna make them proud!!!

Happy quilting.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Finishes and New Beginings

Lots to share tonite....i have managed to mark a few things off my list. Firstly i have finished block 11 (a,b,c) of the Garden Quilt, just teeny, cute ones that are fillers :

These little guys can come visit my garden anytime!! I also finished 2 more SBS blocks (2 are waiting to be finished properly)

Amethyst and Cats and Mice
Im thinking of redoing the Amethyst one as its puckering a bit (may have been how i cut the material......still learning!!!) And i finally, finally finished the hand quilting of my Threadbare design (hooray!!!). Im really happy with how it turned out, now i just need to finish writing the instructions and i can start selling it:

With this one out of the way i can start planning Design 5, so i had a trip to the quilt shop today to search for just the right fabrics for the design i had in mind:

These r not usually my sort of colours (i tend to favour the stronger country colours) but this design calls for something pretty and feminine, so im sure it will be a good choice.

I went to say goodbye to Dot today at the LQS, she closes her doors tommorrow and she ordered 12 more patterns!!!! She is taking them with her to a quilt day on Saturday and is confident in selling them all!!! She is such a lovely lady, im going to miss visiting her and having a chat. It also looks like my samples will be passed on to another quilt shop on the coast, so hopefully ill sell more.

Enough from me.......getting sleepy here.
Happy quilting!!

Friday, April 20, 2007

332 Blocks and still counting!!!

I crossed off another Goal for April today, and it feels great!!!.......332 Log Cabin blocks...148 to go!!!!!!!!!!I have enjoyed each and every block ive sewn so far and i think ill be quite sad to see this quilt finished.........may have to start another one, ill miss my loggies!!!!. I am just over 2/3 of the way there and i have had to move them from my little basket into a roomier plastic container because it was getting too full!!!

But my first sewing task of the day, didnt quite go according to next SBS block.........last nite i cut out my pieces and was all set to sew, except i really didnt have any idea how to sew an arc (and i had to sew 4 in this block).......i had a fiddle here and there, sewed one unsuccessfully, came and looked on the internet, thought about emailing Anne and then finally picked up one of those books i brought from the Oatlands market a few weeks ago (on the way home from the craft fair) and success!!!........instructions, and it was soooooo easy....i had my block assembled in no time!!! I was ready to move on to the applique bit, but i searched everywhere for my freezer paper and it must have got lost when i moved all my things from the house to the sewing room!!! not to worry......ill get some on the way home from work tommorrow.

Great day for me!! Hope urs was as well.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Today was full of work, work, work......but this post came from a conversation with Cohen's Kindergarten teacher this morning. We were discussing the kids art work for Easter and she was telling me how difficult it was to find supplies on their budget. It lead to a conversation about my quilting and all those scrappy bits that end up in the rubbish...u know the ones that r just toooo small to do anything with or those selvages!!! Rubbing her hands with glee, she asked if id mind saving them for the kids to use.......of course not, great i love recycling!!! So i came home, raided the rubbish bin and started saving my scraps for the kids:

(ATT: Leigh, heres the wooden basketey thingy (lol) i got from my late FIL, which i use for my cottons). I know Cohen's teacher will appreciate when this bag is if u r looking for something to do with those bits u put in the rubbish, think of ur local kindergarten, they may be thrilled to recieve such treasures!!!!

On a totally different note, i was walking back inside tonite and there hiding in the standard rose bush was this unexpected (for this time of the year) gem:

Arent rosebuds perfect???

Happy quilting friends!!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

SBS Quilt

I just fell in love with the SBS quilt on Elm River Quilt Novels and decided i wanted to make one, so today both kids were at school, id done the groceries in record time, so the rest of the day was mine.......ahaaa sewing!!! I completed the first three SBS ive chosen to go with white as the background colour and i just dont paper piece, which may make things difficult as i progress, but thats just me:

Mosiac Block #3, Shoo-Fly and Bright Hopes

I really enjoyed working on these, bopping away to the music......its another great way to work through my stash (since my Log Cabin Quilt, which was meant to be a stashbuster, is costing me a fortune!!!! lol)

I know that i have only just sorted through my UFO's and have been complaining about feeling overwhelmed and then i go and start another huge project but im feeling creative and enjoying every minute i have sewing!!!!........and my lists r working soooooo well!!! that well that i have "prettied" up an old hardback notebook to help keep me on track:

Now a scrapbooker i am not but a sheet of wrapping paper, some cut out flowers from the BHG magazine and some spare buttons and i have a pretty book to plan my day in.......oh u may notice i have a computer in the sewing room now (our old one) it will be great for publishing my patterns, journalling ideas and keeping accounts for the patterns i will not have internet access (although i would take me less than 5 mins to connect it with our wireless broadband!!!) as i would spend too much time checking the blogs and not quilting!!! lol

Take care my friends!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

April BOM'S

The "slump" appears to be over (maybe due to me remembering to actually take my vitamins lol) I had been feeling so overwhelmed whenever i went to the sewing room, so drastic organising needed to be done.

Yesterday, when all the chores were done, Maddi was busy working on her school project and Hubby and Cohen were busy cleaning the gardens, i wrote, what i thought, an unachievable goal list for the day and set to work. Breaking down all the tasks actually made it easier for me to get a system going. I now have a group of projects ready for the machine and a group beside my chair, for handsewing at night with the family.......and voila, my first goal for the month has been completed:

This is the Debbie Mumm Block of the month.......i actually really like this months, its far better than last months watering can!!!

And this is the one from Angies Bits and i was going to stop doing this BOM but Maddi really loves the blocks, so i have promised to complete it for her!!! for the stitchery "Flower of the Month" one, i have decided to quit.........this is my second attempt at completing the 12 blocks and it just doesnt inspire me.........ive decided not to struggle with it any longer...........the blocks i have finished r being turned into cushions and i will donate them to the Tas. Academy of Dance (where my mum works) for their fundraising raffles (for sets and costumes etc etc)

I was "honest" with my UFO's.....did i want to keep working on them, could i give them away or just hide them somewhere lol?? that was the only one i could not find any desire to complete and with this new system in place, i feel happier!!!!

On an Aussie fever is alive and well down my lurkers and Collingwood supporters........Richmond let u win!!!!

Happy Quilting.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Lets Bowl!!

Today i took Cohen and Maddi and her best friend Bianca to the Bowling Alley for a little bit of fun before returning to school next week. They had a couple of games, then lunch and then they spent an hour or so in the games area (wheres the good old fashioned pinball games gone???). It was nice to sit back and relax and watch them all enjoy themselves.

Ive been in a bit of a slump these last few days, craftwise anyway. All i have felt like tackling were my "loggies" cause i love love love sewing them!!! I look at all the UFO's in the sewing room and they just dont hold any inspiration and im not going to tackle them while im feeling like that. Meanwhile i been in a cleaning frenzy!!! all the washing and ironing is up-to-date and ive been cleaning and sorting those areas that have lacked attention for awhile and ive had the cooking sure this is just a temporary slump......i just try to fit too much in sometimes, family, work, home, quilting........must take my vitamins more regularly!!!!

That being said, i have been catching up on a lot of "quilt reading" and im enjoying the Elm Creek Quilt Novels and im soooooo loving that SBS quilt Anne, i wanna give it a go!!! and i been reading about the Civil War quilts, great reading!!!

Today was a great break for me, i didnt even take any stitching (which is unusual for me) i just sat back and laughed with the kids and enjoyed the inactivity, after dinner we spent 2 1/2 hours watching a DVD of the old TV series, The fav show as a kid and its still funny!!!

Hope ur day was great too!!!!
Work tommorrow...grrrrr lol

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

I been tagged!!

When checking my emails tonite, i found i had recieved one from the lovely Leigh (im her imaginary blog friend lol), i love reading her emails!! and she tagged me. I thought, how sweet, i love these till i read my task..........i have to list:

My five favorite and inspirational blog sites!!!

Oh no!!! just five??? i have so many, its like telling me to pick out 5 of my favorite fabrics!!! Every nite, i wind down before bed with a coffee or a hot chocolate (or two lol) and i get my fix of all the blogs, then i cant sleep because i got so many ideas floating around in my head. Im inspired by all i read and see in blogland, mostly for the excellent quilting but also for the day to day things we do with our families or just those things we want to share.

Anyways here goes:

Anne- she is such a sweetheart. She leaves me the most encouraging comments and emails and isnt afraid to offer advice, which i love. I love her blog and check it every nite to see how she is progressing with those lovely SBS blocks. And Anne i have also been checking out the Elm Creek Quilting Novels and loving what i see so far!!!

Wendy- I always get excited when Wendy has a new post, she always has something beautiful to share. I would love to spend a day "picking her brain" about quilting, over coffee of course. She was one of the first people to leave comments on my blog and its her kindness that keeps me motivated to keep trying.

Tazzie- now this lovely lady can quilt. A fellow aussie and a truely inpirational quilter. She amazes me with what she achieves!!! and she is so humble, if i had made what she does id be screaming about it from the mountains lol and she has the most gorgeous kitten!!!

Jenny- another aussie, actually quite close to where i live who writes a fantastic blog. U get lost in her words, she has a true gift for writing and she makes the most amazing dolls. I just love visiting her blog!!

Leigh- i do love reading ur blog, ur comments and ur emails. its great to be able to share a laugh with u even if its at the expense of "hubbies" or tupperware parties. i love looking at your beautiful quilts and cant wait till that quilt camp (got my tent all organised lol)

Ohhhh there r so many others id love to include!!! There is so much inspiration in everyones blog and at times i find myself seeing something and thinking "such and such" would just love that!!!I love being apart of blogland.

To all the people on my list (except Leigh, cause u already been tagged) please consider urself tagged by me......hope u play along too and have some fun!!!

Take care,

Monday, April 9, 2007


Today marks the 12th anniversary of the passing on my Nan and tommorrow marks the 11th year of my Pops passing (he lived a year and one day after her).........she is still so special to me because she was such an incredible woman........i have mentioned her on occasion throughout my blog because she was the one i learned to embrodiery from and tonite i just wanted to share her with u.

We all have fond memories of the special people in our lives........heres mine.........her smile( she could melt the coldest of hearts) the way she fussed (what ive give to fuss over her one more time), her scones (now that was the only reason to get up on a Sunday morning, to taste her scones), cream (oh how she loved cream on her dessert, and how dad teased her!!!), her smell (i can still smell it in the bags and hankies i have today), her purse (that little fur purse that carried her lippy and hankie), her knitting (all those 4" squares!!!........all those rugs), the piano (she played so well, her singing,, her aprons (the true housewife, she had a drawer for them), cards (oh those Euchre nites with mum and dad........and the stout lol), her embrodiery (this woman was so talented its difficult to tell the back from the front and its from her i learnt!!!).........i could go on and on!!!

After her passing i worked on a cross stitch in her honour........i apologise for the angle but the light was in the way.........this hangs in my lounge for her:

Both of them taught me so much.........pop taught me intergrity and honesty, working hard to provide a good life for your family.........nan taught me the sweetness of life, the joy of family and the love of creating things with your own hands.........her image is on the first Threadbare Creations pattern i released:

I miss u both everday!! Im blessed to see bits of u in both of my children.........that sweet smile, that look when u were thinking and that placid nature.


Saturday, April 7, 2007

How good is your Math????

A few weeks ago, i mentioned to DH that if he was looking for something to buy me for Mothers Day, id love a copy of E Quilt 6.......being the darling his is, he looked it up on the net and the closest stockist for Tasmania is in Victoria.......he has been "on my back" since then to order a copy but i have felt guilty with the money it cost to renovate my sewing room, so i was hanging out till May.........anyway how i could have used this program in the last 2 days!!!!

I decided on the borders for my Threadbare Creations Design #4 and i just love them, but trying to get them to fit with the stitchery has been a i was good at Math at school......have i forgotten that much???? I have made it all work, the stitchery is not cut to how id like it to be BUT Im running with this layout:

This is the "only" way i could get it to sure u can see what im trying to do here!!......Oh how great a copy of E Quilt would have been........guess where im going now??? emailing the stockists.........i need a copy cause all my little scribblings r getting illegible, even to me lol

Happy Quilting!!

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Happy Easter!!

Artwork courtesy of Cohen.........a beautiful patchwork egg!!!!

Tomorrow is Good Friday....all the Easter eggs have been brought (ready for Sunday!!), and lunch has been organised..... we r having Garlic and Herb Potatoes, Crumbed Fish with a Lemon and Pepper seasoning, Tuna Patties, Prawns, salads and my personal favorite....Hot Cross Buns!!!

My MIL is spending the day with us and after lunch we will all go out to the cemetery to lay some flowers for my FIL (Poppy Blue). The kids r all excited about the next few days and tonite they had a wonderful "preview" next door neighbour invited us over, after Id finished work, to share with their kids an "Easter Egg Hunt" was cold and dark, but arm the kids with a coat, torch and a plastic bag and they had the most amazing time!!! The adults did as well, trying to juggle our coffee cups and torches lol........and hey i found a newspaper, hidden in the garden, that hadnt been collected lol

I want to wish u all a happy and safe Easter........dont indulge to much on the chocolate (but how can u resist??? lol) and hopefully the 4 day break gives us heaps of time to quilt (cept i got 2 shifts at work).

Take care!!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Progress.......or is it??

How does my mind work??? i dread to think.......yesterday i was totally motivated, i needed a new project, i had my inspiration, the tools i needed, so i i spent hours working out what "didnt" work the original plan was for a wallhanging, which was fine but after hours of sewing and trying to decide what worked best, i ended up with a table topper!!!:

I am a completely structured person.......i live by rules, lists and goals, yet occasionally i need to be spontaneous (its like cleaning out the cobwebs)..........aha but there is method in my madness, i need to practice "meandering" great is this project to practice on before i tackle my next UFO for 2007??? (the Bears Paw Quilt......more on that later).

Work for me r on Easter break till the 16th.......and i need to tackle my existing projects!!!

Happy quilting

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Colour Inspiration

I am so in need of a new project!!! Everything that i've got "on the go" at the moment is a long term project........i need a quick project, badly!!! My head is filled with new ideas, new designs and it didnt help that i visited the LQS today......solution, make sure all the chores r done, pack a lunch and then head down to the local park with pencil and paper.....and camera:

Autumn is in full swing........the grass is greening up, the trees r turning beautiful shades of gold and those rich reds:

Im a great lover of Autumn (and Spring).....cooler mornings, warm sunny afternoons and then cold nights where u snuggle under the quilt. And then u have the lovely earthy colours, the fallen leaves and the anticipation of the colder months ahead.

I headed back to my sewing room (complete with samples of my outing lol) and played around with different designs and colours.......bliss!!:

Looks like clutter, i know, but that how i design...........So i set about making a practise block and it has come up fine, just a few minor adjustments to my measurements (all i have is a picture, no instructions):

I just followed that "creative flow" aiming for a wallhanging but it could become a cushion or it may become a UFO lol........its just so great to be working on something new!!!

Happy sewing!!!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Craft Filled Weekend

We are back from our trip to Hobart and we had a great, relaxing weekend and for filled with craft!!! The Craft Fair was loads of fun and very inspiring......i got to have a good look at some new products and to just stand and watch people sharing their talents.....and of course i had to bring home some goodies:

Some fat quarters were definetley a must.......the bottom cream ones r for my log cabins, the others r just for a "rainy day" lol and i got one of those retractable scissor pins, so ill never lose my scissors.

I just love quilt hangers for my wallhanging quilts, so i brought 3 more for my collection and for the bargain price of $8, i got a whole bag of buttons.......and they r just so great!!!

I found this sign and knew it would look perfect in the new sewing room....and it does. The quilt exhibition was very inspiring (no photos to share unfortunaley as cameras were banned!!!) I moved from quilt to quilt, studying the piecing, the colours and the quilting. Of course the Baltimore quilt was one of my favourites but i was also drawn to this reproduction civil war was just lovely.........i plan to do a bit of research over the coming months!!! Its interesting to listen to other peoples comments as u move around an exhibition.......only another quilter could appreciate the amount of work that goes into making a quilt and why we love what we do!!

On our way back home today, we stopped into the little country towns. One of them was having a market and this town is very small but beautiful and their market was extremley small but tucked away in the corner was a stack of books.......some of them found a new home with me:

Lots of inspiration in the "Quilters Companion", the magazines r full of beautiful patterns and as a bonus there was one on dollhouse furnishings which has some great ideas for my dollhouse (ill share pictures of it one day!!!)

As a whole we had a fantastic weekend, but its always great to come home!!!

Hope ur weekend was great!!!
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