Wednesday, February 28, 2007

February Reflections

As the sun sets, its time to reflect on February and welcome the first day of Autumn. Its hard to believe that two months of 2007 have already passed but so much has been achieved this year already. The definite highlights of February, have been Madeline's and Cohen's first days at school. Such unique and incredible journeys for both of them and life memories permantley etched in my mind. Our wedding anniversary marked an important time in our life.......i love DH more and more everyday and feel blessed that we share our lives together........i am lucky to spend every day with this man and i treasure every moment!!
On the homefront, we have shared many meals together outdoors, enjoying the sun and the creatures that chose to visit our garden. Bulbs have been planted in preparation for spring and all the plants have been mulched and fertilised, ready for the cooler months. Work has been underway to make a sewing room for me (so i can vacate the dining room table!!) and it has been a larger task than first thought, but it is all slowly coming together.
As for the craft..........well i completed another UFO.......the house quilt........and i do adore it!! My first machine quilting experience........i can only get better from here lol..........i have taken on a few more projects this month.......aka the log cabins and the scarf, but its all loving doing what im doing and doing what i love!!!
As for blogger.......this whole experience has helped me grow and has given my so much confidence.......i want to thank everyone for the lovely comments and emails i have recieved, i treasure them all, it keeps me moving forward. I have loved reading everyones blog and seeing what inspires them..........there r so many talented women out proud to be a part of it all.
Cooler months now for me.
Take care, my friends.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Garden Blocks 6 & 7

Blocks 6 & 7 of my Garden Quilt have been completed, which is great as my goal for March is to have up to Block 9 stitched......these are personal favorites of mine:

These blocks r called "Dovecote" and "Birdbath" and as we know, near and dear to my heart r all things "birdy" lol. The background fabric is definetly my favourite at the moment, DH brought me half a metre for my birthday last year and after using most of it i had to go and "stock up". That olive green colour is just wonderful!!!
The pink fuschia's come from my garden, just when u think all the summer blooms r over, take a trip around ur garden and hidden in the corner is a these, the tree is just a mass of this lovely colour.
Today both kids went to school, so i went to MIL's and while i loaded her washing machine we talked and i knitted..........scarf is progressing nicely, except Mum insisting on playing with the scarf while i was trying to knit lol.......she loves its softness (do i have time to make one for her???? yeh!!!)..........the rest of the day was grocery shopping and sewing my loggies.
Happy sewing!!!

Monday, February 26, 2007

A Day at Home

After dropping Maddi off at school, Cohen and I came home and spent the day at trips to the supermarket, or the bank or was great!!! and rare. After the housework was done, the washing hung out and the plants all watered, I headed out to the sewing room for more painting, tackling another section of the ceiling (after two coats of paint ive got a stiff neck lol). One of my goals for March is to move into the sewing room, im really hoping i can but tonite when DH and i were going over what needs to be done, we have decided to replace part of the ceiling, which could set us back a week or two, but im staying postive!!!
While Cohen watched a DVD....Madagascar, i love that movie...i got started on Maddis scarf. U really have to concentrate while knitting but its progressing quickly:

It is so beautiful and soft to knit and i just adore the colour combination. Ive got some ideas to decorate some mittens....when im finished!!!
So knitting and thinking, ive decided on the final layout for the "loggies" and by DH's expert mathematics, i need to make 380 blocks!!!........i got 38, thats 10% lol:

I think by the end of this ill need a bigger basket.
Hope ur day was great too!!!

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Every year my daughters friends come to school in the winter months with these gorgeous scarves that their mums have been busily knitting for them. And ever year i get too busy and by the time i go to buy the wool, all the great colours r gone!!!! So the other day i noticed that our Spotlight store had all of their new wool in , so Maddi and i went off today to buy some. Our only problem was that there were too many choices lol. Heres what we settled on:

Beautiful soft wool.......this is going to be challenging for me, cause its flufffy!!! I like to knit but thesedays i usually only stick to scarves. Years ago when Maddi was little i used to knit jumpers for her but they had to have an interesting pattern to keep me motivated.
I have been playing around with blogger tonite and ive decided to keep my log cabin tally on the sidebar (saves typing it into ever post!!!) and i have added a goal list for the month because i really really need to keep my projects under control. And what better motivation to complete ur list than when u publicly declare it lol!!!
Back to my stitching.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Evandale Village Fair

Today we went out to Evandale for the Village Fair and Penny Farthing Races:

We were lucky with the weather, we had major hot moments(where i got sunburnt!!!) and overcast moments with a lovely breeze......the races were fun to watch, especially the novelty races (aka wheelbarrow relay!!) There were lots of stalls, i brought a Hyacinth bulb for my bulb vase and some homemade spices......walking around the streets u got to meet wonderful people, some of them dressed in period costume:

And some of them as live models:

She was really wonderful to watch......she didnt move!!! lol and when she did it was slow robotic movements as she posed with people for photos.

The vintage car collection was a hit with our family, since DH and DS are car enthusiasists but even i enjoyed looked at them!! Not a lot of craft stalls which was disappointing to me but the food was amazing!!!!

We had our lunch on the lawn watching the band and enjoying the casual ambience......there was so much to watch, the country dancing, the Highland Band and the races.

But i guess the highlight of the day for the kids, especially Cohen was the puppet show..........u could hear his laugh over all the other children lol he just loved it!!! and secretly so did i and DH lol!!!

I think that "Punch" and "Jake" the clown were firm favorites:

It was a great relaxed family day.
Hope urs was too.............................Log Cabin Tally:30 Blocks

Friday, February 23, 2007

Log Cabin Layout

Now that I have a few log cabins completed, I have been playing around with possible layouts. This one is by far my favourite:

16 blocks make up the pattern and when repeated u also get the small cross between the diamonds:

I have spent quite some time fiddling with the layouts, and as i have seen this one complete and loved it, im thinking ill stick with the big decision........single or queen size quilt???......whichever way i go i will add a small border and then a larger border to emphasise the loggies..........well thats the plan at the moment anyway..........suggestions would be appreciated!!!!
I didnt sew a single stitch today!!!.......a visit to the MIL's saw me pruning her roses and mending her trousers, then it was the second coat of paint in the sewing room,tranfered 2 stitchery patterns for my garden quilt, then i played with my loggies and then i went to work (the late shift) im home i just want to settle in and read everyones blog .....get my daily dose of inspiration.
Weather permitting, we off to the Penny Farthing Races at Evandale tommorrow.
Happy sewing!!..............................Log Cabin Tally: still 26 Blocks

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Handbag Challenge

One of my favorite bloggers Dawn has challenged people to post the contents of their handbags, just for a bit of fun, so here's mine:

Now lets see what we got here, purse, mobile, keys, sunglasses (which i cant live without), tissues, pen (no paper lol), a toffee, some scraps of fabric im matching, a sewing kit i got from a hotel in Hobart (like i needed it, it said sewing i said......mine lol) and my make up bag with fold up brush, tampons, roll on perfumes (for a refresh during the day) and eyeliner (the one thing i cant live without!!!!) there u have it, all pretty basic. Makes me feel great and also takes me back to a time not so long ago i didnt have a cute little handbag...........i had a haversack full of everything.
A few years ago, when Cohen was little, DH and I went to a wedding and during the evening our table decided to write a list of songs for the DJ....we needed a pen and i offered to look in my handbag and after 10 minutes of searching the contents and placing them on the table ..........i had everything else but a found a pair of little boy socks, a teaspoon, teething ring, matchbox cars, scrunchies and ribbons, spare dummy, a brightly coloured beaded bracelet, nappy rash cream etc sure u getting the picture!!!
Thanx Dawn this little fun challenge has made me realise how minimalistic i have become with my handbag.....This one i brought a few months ago and i religiously clear out the dockets and lolly wrappers cause its like my first "normal" handbag since becoming a mum lol
Work today, but it was payday so alls good!!
Happy sewing!!!...........................Log Cabin tally:26 Blocks

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Kids Art Quilts- 2

Dont u just love those days when u feel productive??? Well today i had one of those days where my energy levels seemed limitless. I started the morning getting the washing up to date and headed off to the new sewing room for some days end i almost finished half of the room, going to buy some curtains tomorrow and should be ready to post some pictures by the weekend. I also got the 2nd kids art quilt top pieced and the 1st one basted ready for quilting:

The colours are a little different on this one as i had to consider my MIL's colour scheme. I also got 4 log cabins completed (or "loggies" as i like to call them). So i really feel like im making a dent in some of the projects im working on.

Maddi is an avid reader(just like her dad) and today she brought home some new books which appealed to me. They r part of a series of fictional diaries, all set in England:

We chose one each to start reading and although they r aimed at loving mine. Im reading the Great Plague and its so interesting to get a glimpse of what life was like in the 1600's. One particular part stands out for me............she is talking about a "old" woman who has passed away in her sleep at the great age of different and lucky we r today, where life expectancy is far greater.
Hope u had a great day!!!.......................Log Cabin Tally:22 blocks

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

First Day at Kinder.

Today was Cohens first day at Kinder. He looked so gorgeous in his school uniform and in the car on the way there, he had the biggest smile of his face, those dimples sooooo prominent!!!.....Yes there were tears but not from Cohen, from me lol (im such a softie). He settled in quickly after meeting his new teacher (who is just lovely btw) and seemed quite happy when i finally left......hes a big boy now.
At 3pm when i picked him up, he was still wearing that gorgeous smile, he had made new friends, was hot and tired but was chatting constantly about his great day!!! And he brought home his first masterpieces, so i have to share:

His red and blue spotty painting and:

his people pictures.

He was very proud of his efforts and so were we, so they r hanging on the special spot in the kitchen, for all to see. Hes eagerley looking forward to Thursday when he goes to school again.
Maddi also had a great day at school. As part of their class project on aerodynamics, they had to construct a paper plane and test the distances that they flew. She was stoked to make the plane that travelled the furtherest (all thnx to those paper planes DH and Poppy have made with her over the years im guessing lol) heres the winning plane:

As for my day, it was really strange to be home alone, the house was so quiet. I did some shopping and then sewed some more log cabin blocks and kept constantly checking the clock for when they all came home again. Everyone had so much to share at the dinner table tonite.
It was a great day!!...............Log Cabin Tally:18 blocks

Monday, February 19, 2007


I have noticed in bloggerland, that aprons are making a resurgence. I have so many fond memories of great grandmothers and grandmothers (and their friends) wearing aprons. They used to have their daily chore aprons and then ones "for best" which were usually embrodiered. I have my grandmothers apron collection and i want to share:

Unfortunately they r discoloured in places, due to age, but each one is unique and the stitching is amazing, its difficult to tell the fronts from the backs. I keep them all in a basket with my rolling pin collection (yeh i collect anything lol).

You may notice that the apron in the back hasnt been completed. It was one of the last pieces of work my grandmother worked on. I have chosen to leave it that way, although there are times i think i should finish it for her. I learnt how to embroider by sitting next to her, threading her needle when her eyesight was failing and matching cotton colours because she always lost the little labels with the numbers on it!! Occasionally she would let me stitch but not often lol She was an incredible woman and inspired me so much..............what i wouldnt give just to see her one more time, in her apron waving goodbye with her hankie.
Such precious memories!!............................Log Cabin Tally:12 Blocks

Sunday, February 18, 2007

6 Weird Things About Me

I have been tagged by Wendy to list 6 weird things about me. Now as a personal note to friends and family who lurk on my blog, plz dont add any weird things i forget lol.

1. Im a compulsive list maker: I write lists for everything and anything, its how i keep myself organised. Now if i do something i havent put on my list, i add it and then cross it off lol.....its the way i keep track of my progress.

2.Mosquitos love me: If i am standing in a group of people (or even on my own) u can bet i am the only person who gets eaten alive by mosquito's!!!.... and the bites swell and r so uncomfortable. I have been told that it may be my blood type (weird i know!!) but i think its because they love me lol.

3. My hair and navel: I do loathe anybody touching or playing with my hair, which makes trips to the hairdresser uncomfortable (maybe thats the reason i keep it so long!!!) .....when it needs dying(those pesky greys lol) i dye it myself and its a chore that would benefit some help, i just dont like people touching it!!! As for anyone touching their navel or coming near mine, dont!!!!......its makes me nauseous lol

4. Touching fabric: I have this bad habit of (for lack of a better word) "fondling fabric". I stand there in the quilt shop or going through my stash just running my hands over the fabric.....its comforting and helps me chose which one i like.........just take me to a quilt show, where u cant touch the quilts and u have to put something in both of my hands so i keep" my hands off", and even then its sooooooooo hard lol

5. Red Wine: I love to drink my red wine chilled.......which makes it difficult when u go to a restaurant or a bar because its always served room home i chill it, the colder the better!!!

6.Shoes: I loathe wearing shoes.......bare feet in summer and socks in winter. I spend a pittance on shoes cause i dont like them and when DH makes me spend a fortune on a good pair, they are generally uncomfortable and i dont wear them , so he has given up trying to convince me lol

Well that 6 was easy lol........DH always says that he loves my quirks, its what makes me who i am.......i not going to tag anyone, cause being new to blogger land i not sure who has or hasnt been tagged but its been fun looking at the weird things that make me me......ohhhh i just thought of 2 more things thats weird bout me .....wait till next time i get tagged lol

No sewing today due to the heat and work but i did get a wee bit of stitchery done.

Hope ur day was great!!!..............................Log Cabin Tally:10 Blocks

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Kids Art Quilts-1

After work, I completed the first quilt top using the kids artwork. This one is to hang in my sewing room:

This has been a fun project and its a permanent reminder of the kids drawing and writing skills and their hand sizes. I have started to cut the squares for the other one, which is for my MIL's birthday in May. Both of these i will machine quilt because it will give me more practise plus its too darn hot to be doing any hand quilting!!!
Earlier tonite we had a family DVD nite complete with Hotdogs, Cheesecake and a copy of "The Wild"....great movie, DS laughed so much throughout the movie, i think he forgot to eat lol It was a fun nite, a great way to spend time together....its hard to do much with this heat, they forcasted thunderstorms for this afternoon and we still waiting, it would be great to just cool things down a bit so sleeping is easier!!!
Just 2 more days at work then 2 days off....hooray!!
Hope ur day was great!!

Friday, February 16, 2007

Log Cabin Fever

My research on the log cabin block provided great reading and so many possiblilities for the piecing and the layout of the log cabin quilt i want to make. At work today, all i was thinking about was how i was going to tackle this i came home, got organised and started sewing.....these little guys (4") r addictive, i got 6 sewn tonite:

They r so much fun to stitch but i guess that will wear off as i have so many to make. I like these ones better than the one i made last nite, because the centre block is bigger........this is a great project to clear out some of my stash.
The weather here is so hot, its hard to spend the time u want doing what u was so uncomfortable at work today and the weekend promises to be hotter!!!......oh well, i just keep thinking bout that sewing cabinet i ordered and it makes work more pleasurable lol
We are getting organised for the Hobart Craft fair this year....we r going as a family (girls to the Craft Fair and boys to ......umm wherever they want lol)......I went last year and loved it!!!.......I had a fantastic time with a great friend (aka the lurker) and we both really enjoyed it!! I love these events.......they inspire u, give u great ideas and open u to new experiences....roll on March 31st!!!!
Back to stitching, enjoy ur weekend!!

Thursday, February 15, 2007

First Day at High School

It was all excitement this morning as it was Maddi's first day at High School.....i must admit i got all teary when i dropped her off, seems like yesterday she was holding my hand and starting Kinder!!
She was very nervous but she came home all excited after having a great day. She was very happy that she got into the creative writing class ( she loves to write) and she made 2 new friends. I was at work, worried sick about her all day, but it seems that i am just overprotective lol.
Not a lot of time for sewing today, but i did manage to start piecing the kids art work quilts. I have decided to make them into two for MIL and one for my sewing room. This is how far i got with Cohens:

Ill just work on these for the next few days while im working. For a long time now, I have wanted to make a "log cabin" quilt and a "baltimore" quilt and even though i have got all these other projects on the go at the moment I have decided to start making some log cabin blocks and see how i go. I had a practice with one tonite:

I not sure i actually like this layout, i would like the red centre square to be bigger. I have seen some fantastic log cabin quilts in bloggerland and im sure the centre was more prominent....might do some surfing later for another pattern.
One of these days i will tackle a Baltimore quilt!!
Happy sewing.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Happy Valentines Day!!!

A day of love and romance......or a crazy day of errands, chores for MIL and back to school preparations!!! My day was the later, BUT i did make dinner a special keeping with the theme of red for Valentines Day, we had Spaghetti Bologanse and this lovely Raspberry Heart Pie:
This was fun and yummy......and a great cooking project for the kids to help with!!! Actually today was full of love and romance, I woke up to a beautiful message from DH and then when i checked my blog he had left one there as well, so a special dinner was prepared and we spent a lengthy time at the dinner table, as a family, enjoying each others company.
My day was full of errands and such but i did manage to do some more painting in the sewing room and to cut out some squares for my next project.....the kids artwork blocks:

Im still working on some colour combinations and the kids r loving to help pick and chose fabrics, so this really has been a great project to work on. Im not sure how far ill get over next few days as im back to work tommorrow with some HUGE shifts, but i need it. I went in and ordered my Horn sewing cabinet today and although it was quite pricey(ill be working forever lol) im pleased with my choice and will use it ever chance i get!!! and it is sooo cool, great work space to quilt on and drawers to keep my stuff in......cant wait to get it!!!
Last nite a friend came over and we had a "girls DVD nite", with DS included lol...we relaxed, ate far too many M&M's, popcorn and chocolate chip cookies and we watched "The Devil Wears Prada"......great chick flick and a really enjoyable nite.
Tommorrow DD goes back to school....her first year of High School........i wish her all the best for her new experience. I truely hope that this year offers her so many new experiences and i have the faith that she will succeed with whatever journey she choses to embark on!!
Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, February 12, 2007

Quilt Complete!

The bindings are on and the "Strolling the Block" quilt is now complete. For my first proper attempt at machine quilting, Im really happy with the way it turned out. I probably made every mistake in the book with this quilt, but i have learned a lot and i have completed my 5th UFO for the year!!
Well now it is complete, my biggest problem is where to put it lol It is more of a decoration quilt because of all the buttons and ribbons and DMC threads made to look like straw....its not really something u can snuggle under. I have had a couple of offers from people to take it off my hands but i think i can find somewhere for it!
DH got my new sewing room/office cleared out completely over the weekend, so i went down there today and started a bit of painting. I have chosen a lovely warm shade of green with white trimmings. It really is a large space, plenty of room to put in furniture (desk, sewing cabinet, cutting table, bookcase, lounge etc etc) and still be able to baste quilts on the floor. Ill post some before and after photos later on, when we have a bit more progress.
We collected DS uniforms from school today, ready for next Tuesday (his first day of Kinder). He was so excited and had to try them all on...........he looked so grown up!! both myself and DD had tears in our eyes (how am i going to be when he does actually leave me for the whole day!!...i hope im rostered on at work, so i got something to distract me just a little bit)
A big thank you to all the people who stopped by and left such kind comments for our Wedding was touching and greatly appreciated.
Back to my stitching!

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Happy Anniversary Baby!!

Today DH and I celebrate our 18th Wedding Anniversary!!! I met this wonderful man when i was 17 and in less than 12 months we were engaged and then we married after my 21st birthday. Looking back at the wedding photos (which we did the other nite) we were both so young but we had such wonderful plans for our life togther. It is the love that we share that has seen us achieve those goals amid times of great happiness, some sadness, disappointments and sheer success. We have a relationship full of support, mutal respect, understanding and most importantly.....LOVE!!
After a long period of disappointment, we were finally blessed with the family we both so longed for (hence the large age difference in our children, pregnancy did not come easily for us). These two indiviual children have enhanced our relationship, given us new goals and challenges and we enjoy every moment.
Last nite DH and I headed off to an old country pub that overlooks the river and had a wonderful meal. A glass of local wine and lovely conversation, set the mood and or though there were other diners, we were only focused on us!! This was one of the views (taken with my mobile) :
As u can see the weather was overcast, but everything else about the nite was perfect!

To my wonderful husband Les, I would like to thank u for 18 amazing years!!! Also for your love, ur respect, ur patience, ur belief in me and for just being the most incredible person, who chose to share his life with me. We are going to grow old together and we WILL have those matching rocking chairs to sit on and watch our grandchildren and great grandchildren!!!
We walk this path together, today, tommorrow and forever.
Rose. xxx

Saturday, February 10, 2007

Special Date!

Just a quick post tonite, to tell all (or all that read this blog!) that after a marathon sewing day the machine quilting on the "Strolling the Block" quilt is complete.......great!! Im so proud of me, its was becoming easier and easier as i sewed and all thats left to do now is the binding.........but not tonite!!!.........tonite the children are sleeping at my parents house and i have a very special date, one i have been looking forward to all week........with of course, the love of my life, my soulmate........Darling Husband (DH).
Have a great evening!!! and ill share our "date" with u, next post!!!

Friday, February 9, 2007

February BOM'S

Here are my three blocks for February:

The first one is from Debbie Mumm's Garden BOM quilt and i have affectionatley called him Fergus....a fairly basic block to make but quite enjoyable!!!

This applique one is from Angies Bits and Pieces and this months block is titled "Tulips"...i like these blocks cause it makes me get out the scrappy bin to do the applique (and my scrappy bin needs a serious cleanout lol). I finished this one today.

Last but not least, is the stitchery block....This one is called Violets and Primroses and I think i may have gone a bit heavy handed with the tea staining....but its still pretty.
I kinda "spot-fired" a bit today......i tend to do that at times cause i have so many projects going at once, and while im working on them im thinking of more!!!..........the kids slept late, so i did a bit of machine quilting and then we all went to my MIL's to help her with her chores.....then we went to the bakery for a lovely lunch and then i crafted the day away while the kids played. It was so lovely to listen to them, especially DS......5 year olds have such vivid imaginations and DD's laugh is just so infectious, u just have to smile urself.
Well off to read some of my favorite blogs, these women r truly inspirational!!!
Happy quilting.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

Bulb Time

As we enjoy the last few weeks of summer and prepare for Autumn, the garden needs some work. The pots that have bloomed profusley since late October need to be cleared out as the flowers are gone and the soil needs to be turned and repotted. The roses r ready to be fertilized and pruned before they lose their leaves and the weeds need to be pulled and more mulch added . I love to get out in the garden , its quite relaxing, so i headed off today to get a range of bulbs to replant my pots and windowboxes ready for a beautiful show in spring:

I think i managed to get a great array of different colours and fragrances....(dont u love the watering can, it used to belong to my grandfather, the greatest "green thumb" of them all). I havent been a fan of growing bulbs in the garden, yet i love to buy the flowers at the florist, so this year i thought id grow my own, in pots in our patio. Its also a great project for the kids to help with as bulbs arent as delicate as seedlings to plant up.
Well i had to work today, but my boss has kindly given myself and another mum who works there, the rest of the school holidays off so we can spend it with the kids....they r great to their workers and we appreciate it. Maddi and I got the rest of her school books covered, all the pens etc labelled and her bag packed ready for next Thursday morning.
There are many reasons why i love doing this blog and this is surely one of them. It is a great feeling to log on and see that someone has so kindly left a comment. The encouragement has lifted my confidence immensley. I recieved a comment yesterday which really helped my machine quilting experience......thnx Wendy for reminding me to relax when machine made me look at the whole experience sooooooo differently and my quilting just flowed so much better....i got one more blocked quilted so im offically 1/4 of the way done....and she was so right, this is meant to be a pleasurable experience and not a chore.......and im learning so much and glad i took the jump and started quilting something!!!!
Hope ur day was wonderful too!!!

Wednesday, February 7, 2007

Back to School Preparations

With one week left of the summer holidays, we are trying to cram in all those things we wanted to do and all the things we have to was collection day at Maddis school (her first year of High School), so we came home laden with uniforms and books:Thats the book and pencil pile.........we almost finished covering and labeling ( honestly i got tired of it and wanted to quilt!!!!)....we will finish tommorrow. She looks sooooooo grown up in her uniform, made me teary. This is a big year for her and hopefully it will enrich her love of music and creative writing. Shes a little nervous, to be expected, but im sure this year will bring her countless opportunities.
Cohens collection day is Monday and he is itching to get his new uniform. This will be his first year of Kindergarten and he is really ready to go ( im just not sure im ready lol), so its a big year for him as well........ill just hold on dearly to this last week of holidays!!!
We went to 2 craft shops for thread, one for a free motion i stood in front of all these amazing coloured threads and chose conservatively lol cream, gold for back and black (im thinking it will hide my mistakes if i dont advertise lol)..........i was sooooo good, just brought the cottons and NO fabric........well done me!!! cept for these 2 buttons i had to have lol:

They r gorgeous, photo doesnt show how much, and they r identical, photo doesnt show that either. So after covering books i sat down in front of machine, took a deep breathe and started machine quilting..........i managed to get 2 blocks done and although it isnt as elaborate as anything id hand quilt, im pleased with its progress..........

Baby steps when u learning a new skill i guess, but im getting there, slowly!!
Happy quilting,

Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Basting Day

Have u ever had one of those days???........u sleep in late, the washing pile seems bigger than u remembered, u do the groceries and spend more than u planned and then when u get home they wont fit in the freezer or the pantry and then u totally rearrange ur furniture so u can spend the rest of the day basting.........and u get visitors!!!.......not just one set of people, but two!!! lol.........well that was my type of day today and it was great!!!
My first set of visitors were my MIL , her sister and her nephew, so i spent time explaining the finer points of basting with safety pins ( alas no volunteers for helping me lol). Then during their visit, my parents showed up (dads visit was a quickie before he went back to work). So the house was full and still no help for poor me, basting (im not a great fan of basting!!). Later on it was just mum and I, the kids popping in from time to time when they needed something. Mum sat, i basted and we had a lovely afternoon chatting, drinking coffee (me) and tea for mum and feasting on these lovely apple and sultana scrolls id brought from the bakery:
I did manage to baste the quilt (i decided on the "strolling the block" quilt top) and its all ready for machine quilting , which ill start tommorrow. Im going to call into the quilt shop in the morning and pick out some thread.....because im only attempting basic quilting i thought id try something different with the thread colours to make it interesting.........oh and i found a free motion foot, going to go buy that too tommorrow, so i can practice stippling....and then finally tonite i started stitching my 4th Threadbare Creations design.......this is the fun part, working out colour combinations and stitching!!!
Great family day for us!!!

Monday, February 5, 2007

Garden Blocks 4 & 5

Ive really being having fun with these little stitcheries. Heres Block 4.....Potting Plants and Block 5.....Seed Packets. Originally i had planned on just having them there to do between projects but im enjoying them so much i seem to be finding more and more time to stitch them............maybe i will have them finished by the end of the year.
Well Ive been practising the machine quilting on a scrappy piece and ive done some research on the net and today i watched a DVD with some clear concise instructions (plus they made it look so easy). I now know that a walking foot is best for straight stitching and slight curves but u need an open toe foot or a free motion foot for more intricate patterns or stippling. This is good news to me cause now i dont feel inadequate with my progress.
I always hand quilt, i love the look and i love curling up in a chair, quilt drapped over me, stitching away. I did machine quilt one quilt many years ago and needless to say it wasnt impressive but it was and still is, a much loved quilt for the whole family....whenever any of us have been ill, we have snuggled on the couch with that quilt around us.....nites were baby cohen needed a feed or just a cuddle, out came the quilt to keep us warm.
So I have this new found appreciation for all those who machine quilt. It is a lot of work and its a skill i intend to master ( i guess in the same way i tackled learning to hand quilt.........tears, frustration and sheer joy when all went well)......first step i guess is to jump right in and quilt something, so its a basting day for me tommorrow!!!.........wish me luck!!!
Happy quilting,

Sunday, February 4, 2007

To market, to market to buy..........

.........Another birdhouse!!!, some juicy apricots and some vintage buttons.....all for the bargain price of $8.......gotta love a bargain. We had a lovely morning poking around all the stalls, the kids got a few bits and pieces and DH got some books ( his greatest hobby is reading). There was a lot of great stuff there, but u have to limit urself sometimes due to space in the house. I contemplated buying this gorgeous old cane and metal dolls pram, i could see myself making a lovely quilt and pillow set and putting a beautiful doll in it, but i was strong (might go back out there next sunday and see if its still there lol).
We took the kids to Mcdonalds for lunch and we sat outside chatting and laughing (DS can really be funny....hes such a gem, the things he says sometimes!!!). This afternoon i set the kids a task, one that DD loved, she loves to be creative. I have decided to make my dear MIL a wall hanging quilt for her birthday in May, so i cut some squares and the kids created their own blocks with markers.......heres some of the results:
It will make a very personal gift for her and the kids love seeing what they have made being turned into something special. I also want to make one for my "new" sewing room/office (when its finished)......we did manage to do some more clearing out and the space is just getting bigger and bigger. We are hoping to have it almost empty by next weekend. It really is amazing how much stuff u accumulate and im being more holding onto things we dont use!!
Another great day for us, hope urs was too!!!!

Saturday, February 3, 2007

Quilt Top

Here is the completed quilt top "Strolling the Block". I think that the black borders really emphasise each colourful block. So the next task is the quilting. Hand quilting (my preference) would be too difficult within the blocks because of the layers of Vilsofix, so i have to machine quilt. I set the walking foot up on the machine and set about practising, which is going to take some time to master. Straight lines were a breeze, but its going to be a while before im happy with stippling or shapes.
Im going to do a bit of research on the net regarding machine quilting and just keep practising until im happy enough to quilt this project. I have another quilt top, which would be a great practise project so im going to baste that up and start quilting.
No work this weekend, so it has been great to relax with the family. I actually sat down and played a car racing game on the Playstation with DS this afternoon and we had some great laughs. Hes a very impressive driver for 5!!! DD spend the afternoon with her friend and when she came home we all cooked dinner (I had so many helpers!!!they must have been hungry lol)
Back to the stitching!!

Thursday, February 1, 2007


One of my favorite bloggers recently posted her beautiful collection of church plates and she invited others to share their collections or the items they r "drawn" too. So heres mine, besides the obvious collections of fabric, fabric and more fabric (ditto with the buttons lol), I am a lover and collector of birdhouses and vintage brooches:

This one was made by me, with a little help from DH from the old fence pailing on our original back fence. Fun project to make on one of those rainy Saturdays.

This one is my absolute favourite and also my most recent addition. It is just so ornate!! I also have other ones scattered around the house:

These ones live on my bathroom window and they r just too cute!!!.....I am drawn to them so much that i like to use them in my craft:

So u kinda get the idea..........i have all these birdhouses, feeders, old cages, bird baths but i dont have my own bird...yet, i got plans to find a large old wooden birdcage and id love to put it outside the back door with one beautiful bird, just gotta convince DH.
And of course the other item im drawn to are old brooches........this little collection started all by itself, whenever anybody finds one they pass it on to me, cause they know i love the vintage stuff.......there is always a brooch on each of my jackets:
I keep them all in my late grandmothers purse (pictured) which is soooo lovely and still smells of her. There is a little gold rose brooch there, that is dear to me. I brought that for my grandmother, on her birthday, with money from my first job (while i was still studying).....she wore that brooch ALL the time and it given back to me when she died.
Well back to stitching, this was a fun post!!
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