Thursday, March 29, 2007

March Reflections

I know its not quite the end of the month but im going to post my March reflections tonite, because tommorrow we r going to Hobart for 3 days for the Craft fair.

March has again been a wonderful month for myself and my family.......a personal highlight for me was definitley moving into my sewing room, im still currently personalising my space with family photos, flowers, cushions etc etc, i have an inspiration wall for all the things i love (which is filling up nicely), im still waiting on a computer, but hey thats a non important just loving working in this bright sunny room as much as i can.

I finished my Angel quilt, which was a big UFO for me and each one i do just inspires me to move forward to the next loggies r coming along sooooooo well and now i have pieced on 16" block and have it on my display wall, i am driven to finish this beautiful goals for March were completed except for my Threadbare design (which is just so close to completion!!!......add to the April list)...and i sold some of my patterns!!! proud of me!!!

The family is thriving!!! Maddi had a fanatastic camp to Port Sorrell, she is loving school and making many new friends (boys and girls, mainly boys grrr lol), and she is doing really really well at school.......Cohen has just taken to school so well, and im happy to report that the other little boy he had a "tiff" with earlier in the month is now his closest friend!!!! (they r inseperable according to his teacher) and he is just adapting so well to the new experiences......the library book he brings home every week is his nightly choice for a story!!!.......and DH how can i thank him for the work he put into my sewing room, making it a great space for me!!!......he was just amazing (even with the carpet laying lol).......he works so hard and then he would come home and repair this and patch that and build something else or hang another thing for lucky am i???

On a sad note, i had a phone conversation with Dot from the quilt shop, she closes her shop on April 24th.....its a great thing for her, she has had enough, not so great for me!!......we have a limited choice of quilt shops here and hers was "by far" the most friendly and warm enviroment, ill miss her warm smile and the way she calls me and my family by name and most importantly her great advice and her confidence in me........she is a true gem!!!

Craft fair for me the next few gunna let my hair down, soak up the inspiration and "spend"!!!! lol.........seriously considering one of these fabric diets for April!!!!

Thanks for ur wonderful and encouraging comments.......take care all!!!!


Tuesday, March 27, 2007

The Sound of Silence

My day off today and all i wanted to do was spend the day the groceries were done super quickly and then i started........and it was so silent, DH was at work, kids were at school, so on went the radio (which personally im not a great fan of listening too!!!) really is a matter of adjusting to being all alone again.......but i did have a family favorite drop in for a visit:

This is our English Springer Spaniel, Mixie (long story about how she got her name!!)......shes 9 and the most affectionate and loyal soul. She loves us all for different reasons.......she looks to me for food, she looks to DH for a "rough and tumble" playtime, Cohen is her back yard friend who plays while she protects and Maddi is her one true love........this dog would do anything for Maddi and when shes around no one else exists!!!

So today we were kinda "kindred spirits"........we were both home alone so we spent the day in my sewing room.......and although she doesnt answer when i talk, her tail wagging tells all lol........i sewed 20 loggies today!!!! and Mixie got to share my lunch!!!

Happy quilting my friends!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Angels Complete

Ta dah!!!.....The Angel Quilt is complete:

Bindings finally got finished last nite before bed and now another major UFO bites the dust for 2007!!! I am really happy with it and sooooooo glad i perserved and finished it. It still doesnt currently have a permanent home, but it is folded up at the end of our bed on the blanket box until i do a bit of rearranging.

Work again for me today (tomorrow i get a day off!!!) but i did manage to sew 4 loggies and i have to admit........i couldnt wait any longer, i just had to sew some of them together!!!......i made one block of 16 and it is now pinned to my display board for inspiration (and also to show visitors what im currently working on........looks better than a basket of blocks!!!) It was quite therapeutic after such a busy day, to be sewing, Maddi was at my desk doing her homework and Cohen was sitting on the floor cutting out paper (good fine motor skills practise!!!) while hubby spent some "well earned" alone time at the computer after a hectic and tiring day. All in all, im thinking this sewing room has worked out well!!!

One more goal for March to go.......but not sure ill make the deadline.......but ill go close!!!

Happy quilting.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Good and Bad News!!

I have alot to be excited about this weekend........even after long shifts at work!!!......firstly i am almost finished the bindings on my Angel Quilt (back to them before bed!!!) and i got my copy of the "craft friend" for the Hobart Craft Show next weekend.

I have been sitting at my desk (notice a snippet of the newly painted chair, complete with tied on cushion for comfort!!!), looking through the guide, getting more excited by the minute. I have a "wish list" of purchases for the fair, on top of the list a new pair of scissors (mine keep catching from time to time) and some fat quarters for my "loggies" and everything else that takes my fancy lol.

It should be a great weekend......we booked in to a hotel not far from the venue and the girls r going to the Craft show while the boys go shopping and visiting some friends.......then we got Sunday to check out all the old towns between there and (antique shops)!!!!!........i cant wait, all these hours at work equal spending money!!! thats how i keep motivated lol.

So for the bad news.......i went down to the sewing room after dinner etc, to sew some loggies and i just had to play.......i got all this floor space so i began laying them out to see how they would look as a quilt........i think my maths is off!!! do the quilt i see pictured in my head i may need another row ( i really have to remember seam allowances grrrrrrr)......which equates to another 96 blocks!!!..........i tried to come up with some other options, but they r not what i i have decided not to panic........just keep going with the original goal in mind and see how i go........i envision some marathon "loggie" sessions in the next few weeks!!!

However this far this quilt is looking so beautiful.......i want it to look the way i see it, so if it takes an extra 96 blocks.......ill sew them!!!

Hope ur weekend was great!!!

Friday, March 23, 2007

150 Done- 230 to Go!!

My basket is slowly filling up and i have reached my March goal of 150 blocks for my Log Cabin Quilt:

Even after 150 of these, they r still a pleasure to sew......for the last few years, any quilts i have made has either involved applique or stitchery, so a fully pieced quilt has been delightful. I am using only fabric from my stash, so im slowly whittling down my stash of creams (some of those r "what where u thinking when u brought this???" fabrics!!!) but they r working really well.

I am really itching to start piecing these into blocks, but i have to wait until they r all sewn so i can mix and match them throughout the quilt. I have been really disciplined, aiming for 4 blocks to be sewn everyday (which takes me close to an hour and a half)......some days i have gotten 8 done and other days like the last 2 (because i have been quilting the Angel Quilt) i havent done i need to set a realistic goal for how many i can sew in April!!

Quilting is finished on the Angel Quilt (as of 10am this morn!!!) this weekend, between shifts at work, ill do the binding!!!..........and my newly adopted chair has been sanded, repairs made and holes filled and it has been primed ready for painting ( just boring white, im afraid!!!).......its not very comfortable (an office chair would have been better lol) but i dont want to spend to much time in the office part of the room........i want to be in front of the sewing machine!!!!!

Maddi is home from camp, tired but full of wonderful stories of her great experience.......its fantastic to have her home safe and well (and with a load full of laundry!!!)........and if u ever need to know how to make a raft that is durable.......she can email u the instructions!!! lol

Happy quilting my friends!!!!


Thursday, March 22, 2007

A New Project

Sometimes u find the greatest things when u not really looking and today i found a chair lol.....simple object i know, nothing to get terribly excited about, but this chair has become my new project (can u hear DH groaning as i type this lol):

I went to my MIL's this morning to deliver her cakes and quiche and to do her weekly wash of sheets and towels, change the batteries in her smoke alarms, mend another pair of trousers and check her mail, when she asked me what was left in the "top" shed of my late FIL's.......there amongst the cobwebs and bits and pieces ........was this wooden chair.......complete with a story....i love a story!!! inlaws had a "shack" at Bellingham and apparentley they found this chair washed up on the beach.........they used it at the shack and then it was stored for many years until i found it today.........and rescued it...........a good sanding and a coat of paint and i have a chair for my desk in the sewing need to buy one of those chairs on castors, this one will only cost me elbow grease!!!!

I just want to say thank u to Jenny for her comment yesterday.......Im so glad u have seen my patterns and my samples (isnt Dot just the best!!!!) and thank u for ur kind words about my work........u would not believe how it has lifted my confidence!!!

Maddi comes home tomorrow!!!!

Great day!!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

And then the Cotton Ran Out!!!!

I had a day off work today and quilted my Angel quilt with a gusto.........till the cotton ran out!!! still be there now, but alas i have to wait till tomorrow morning to buy some more. It is so close to completion, it all just flowed nice and easy today and was quite enjoyable.....oh well, tomorrow ill sew again.

After dropping Maddi off at school (she left for her camp this morning and i miss her so much already!!!.....but i bet shes having a great time!!).........i made sure the housework was all done and then headed out to the sewing room, excited to spend the whole day was the longest time ive spent out there without painting or setting up.........just sewing!!! Armed with coffee, my phone and my trusty companion DS (who BTW talked non stop while i sewed lol) the day went according to plan.

I did come inside for an hour or so to cook dinner and make some treats for my MIL:

For as long as i have known her, once a week she and her friends have got together for the day and played cards (poker, mainly) i have been invited to one of these gatherings on many occasions but ive never actually gone but i do cook for them whenever the "game" is at Mums we got a carrot loaf on the left (straight from the oven so it wasnt iced when i photographed it) and a date loaf on the right............i also baked a Egg and Bacon Pie for DH, his favorite (right) and on the left is a Tuna and Spinach Quiche.........ill take some of the Quiche to my MIL's.....because she is 82 and recently widowed, i worry about her not cooking for herself. She is adamant that she wants to live alone, so i cook things and take them up to her, so i know she is looking after herself......... i hide all the veges in things i know she will eat (just like feeding kids really lol)..........she would never eat spinach or tuna but mix it with other flavours and she loves it!!!!...........u should see how i hide mushrooms and corn, but i think shes on to me lol

Happy quilting!!!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

School Camp

Maddi is all packed and ready for her Grade 7 camp to Port Sorell on the North West Coast of Tasmania:

She leaves tomorrow(Wed) and returns on Friday.....we r going to miss her terribly and worry about her constantly but she is sure to have a great time...they r going to be building rafts, hiking, having a scavenger hunt and an Iron Man contest, a disco, BBQ's and swimming etc etc.......mmm sounds like fun, maybe i should have volunteered as parent help lol.......she is sharing a cabin with 5 of her friends and tonite she baked a batch of cookies to share with them and they have all packed those "forbidden" chocolates and lollies........they will have a ball!!!!!

It was another work day for me......after dropping the kids at school i had time to quickly shop for my new desk and bookcase for the sewing room (hubby and i put them together tonite!!!) and then i dropped in on DH (at his work) for a quick coffee and a lovely chat.

Not a great deal of sewing today, just 4 loggies and i cut out enough strips for 12 more!!! Tommorrow i have the day off, so i plan to quilt like mad on the Angel quilt.......i really wanna finish this one!!!! and it will be the first time i have extended my sewing cabinet and used the space.

Hope ur day has been great!!!

Monday, March 19, 2007

Garden Block #9

I have reached another goal for March by stitching the 9th design for the garden quilt:

This block is called "Smelling the Roses" and i must just reiterate that this quilt is designed by Annie Downs.......who also designed the Angel quilt, which i have half quilted!!!

It was back to work for me today, so not a lot happening in the sewing room, or though i did sew 4 of my loggies while i chatted to DD about her day (and DS when he dropped in from time to time), just before i cooked dinner. I love my conversations with her and i am trying to keep the conversation open. Her first year at High School has proved to be an "eye opener" and there is so much to discuss. DH has been feeling, for some time now, that his relationship with her has changed, they dont seem to talk like they used we decided to repair that!!!.......we have never enforced chores on the kids (we have tried from time to time but we found it easier to just ask them to help with things as they needed doing) but we looked back to the one time when DH and I had time to chat.........that was usually when we done the now after dinner and a throw of the frisbee or the ball or a game of French Cricket.........DS and I clean his room and i bath him while DH and DD do the dishes.........and they talk and laugh and its great to hear!!! DH is really making an effort, asking tonnes of questions and its flowing into easy conversation.

There is no "sure fire" way to deal with teenagers but im a firm believer in talking and talking and finding out whats going on in their lives. They have so much to deal with and i dont want either of my kids to feel alone.......we dont want to judge, just listen, just guide and hopeful help them through the important years .........their problems, in comparison to ours, may be trivial, but they r huge to them and DH and I want to be there every step of the way!!! day at a time, trying every angle......we parent!!

Well the rest of my March goals seem achievable but my shifts at work are "big" loggies r on track, and my Angel quilt is at least half completed (Wednesday, ill quilt as much as i can!!!!) and i have to finish the stitiching on my Threadbare design and then piece it into another happy to achieved so much already this month.............reach for the stars and ull always touch the treetops!!!!

Happy quilting my friends,

Sunday, March 18, 2007

My Space!!

After an exhausting weekend........ive moved in to the sewing room......still a way to go, but its functional and i sewed some loggies in there tonite, so im offically moved in!!! The carpet shopping went well....first two shops closed, third shop had to order what we needed (another delivery to wait for!!!), fourth shop had stock!!!! we brought from as for carpetlayers, DH and I are much better at other things lol but we did it!!! so heres a tour:

Heres the sewing cabinet again, now filled with all my bits and pieces.......i especially love the wooden box u can see on the left hand corner........this was my late FIL's and i have filled it with cotton reels......great and easily accessible.........the large cane basket is filled with all my "big" fit with a push and a shove, ill sort it all later!!!........cane basket on the stool in the corner holds my loggies and the cross stitch in the frame is older than me lol kidding (its an eternal WIP lol).......ok moving on:

Here is where i will do all my cutting........i love recycling and this set of mix match drawers only needed a top to fit the it has been lined with carpet remnants and houses all my fat drawers hold my UFO's........ironing board to the left (needs a new cover....tomorrows task!!!)
Now to the business end of the room:

This is where my office will the coming weeks ill have a desk and a computer, the framed picture is my Business Certificate.......which im so proud of!!!....the cabinet is again recylced from my inlaws........a clean and a coat of furniture polish and now it hold all of my pens, pencils, envelopes, stamps, sketch pads etc etc......and i love it......need to make a quilt for it hmmmm!!!..............i also need a bookcase for the other corner and shelves and bits and pieces to personalise my space, but im in no enjoying what i already have.......i had planned to blog before and after pictures to see how we had tranformed this room, but to those who have already been in it (the lurkers lol) u will appreciate the time and effort we have it is a sunny, bright wonderful space for me...........and as a last note on this post.........DH and the kids brought me a present today to celebrate........i love it:

How great is this clock??? guessing this is to remind me, not to spend to much time in the new room lol...........i love them dearly!!!!!
Hope ur weekend was great!!!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Its Looking Like A Sewing Room!!

It arrived today!!! my one and only decadent purchase for the sewing room......the all important sewing cabinet!! and it is just so cool im loving it!!!

Its got two cute little drawers so i can stash all my fiddley bits and pieces in and a shelf (dont know what ill use if for yet lol) and when its open i get double the space to quilt, which is really cool!!!:

This model is called the "Quilt Queen" which is exactly how im feeling a very lucky queen (makes all those shifts at work, worth it!!!!).

We are going carpet shopping tomorrow, so i should be able to move in really really excited, this beats storage in the linen cupboard and sewing in the kitchen!! lol I am finding it really difficult though, to decide exactly what i need many shelves??? drawer space??? what to put on that blank wall???.......but i guess that i need to move all my goodies in and then work in there to find the best use of the space i have.

Can u tell im really excited??? lol....its beginning to look like a sewing room!!!

Happy quilting!!!

Thursday, March 15, 2007

Basting and Quilting

Its official....i dont like basting!!! after delivering my patterns to the quilt shop i came home all set to baste, which i did, but its a back breaking, time consuming (and all important) part of quilting. Tonite my shoulders ache, my back aches but my angel quilt is all ready for quilting and i must admit i had to try a little section to see how its going to look:

So it is coming along slowly but at least its started!!!.........ill get a bit more done tomorrow before the late shift at work and then i can work on it over the weekend (my weekend off, hoooray!!!).......i have such huge borders around this quilt id like to attempt some meandering or stippling, but not sure if i dare!!
I havent been well these last two days......sinus infection, which made it difficult at work yesterday......i had a massive headache and found it difficult to more shift and then im looking forward to an easy weekend and catching up on some sleep and recuperating with my family!!
My sewing cabinet was due to arrive crossing fingers it will be here tomorrow so we can put it together over the thing i have learnt, it doesnt matter how much notice u give when u order something, it never arrives on time!!
Happy quilting!!

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Home Alone

A typical day for me starts at 6am....after toast(or porridge) and coffee and a quick glance at the paper, i hit the shower and start the housework. I like to have all the beds made, washing hung out, dishes washed and plants watered before i take the kids to all was as according to plan!!!

I had a day at home alone.....time to get heaps done hmmmmm lol.

My first task was to tackle the groceries ( and i say tackle because i detest grocery shopping!!). First aisle into the weekly grind and i met up with a mother whose son goes to school with this is a lady that i only just know to say "hi" to when we meet in the schoolyard (and its been this way for 8 years!!!) but today we struck up this conversation......and i must say it was lovely......we both share the same concerns for our children and we talked like we had been friends for all that time.......we talked for some time and then we both set about the weekly shop.

After the groceries were put away i headed out to the sewing room for the last wall and a half of painting........i estimated an hour (which actually took closer to 2, including the cleaning of the brushes etc etc) and then i had lunch.......a date scone i brought from the bakery!!! while i started to sew the loggies id cut yesterday. While sewing i began imagining the carpet for my room and finally succumbed to picking up the phone and spending time talking to people about carpet.......getting prices, styles etc then it was "i gotta do a second coat before the kids get home" back down i went to paint some more and finally............the sewing room is painted!!!!.......(i had to soak the brushes while i got the kids but they got cleaned eventually lol).

After making the kids an afternoon tea and reading Cohen his new library book and filling in one of the countless forms Maddi brings home these days..........i peeled the veges and while they began to boil.......i sewed my loggies!!!

Which was what i was doing when my mobile rang and Dot from the quilt shop informed me that that she needed more patterns......quick lol......i was so happy, she ordered another that meant after a lovely family dinner and a bath for Cohen........i printed patterns in between washing dinner dishes and packing bags for tommorrow!! And then finally i got to sit with the family and stitch and enjoy some wonderful "triple chocolate chip" cookies Maddi made:

Sounds like a chaotic day i know!..........but ill go to bed tonite, tired but knowing that i used every minute of today as if its my last!!
Bring on tommorrow!!

Monday, March 12, 2007

March BOM's

Heres my BOM's for this month:

This is a watering can from the Debbie Mumm BOM a block on its own, i dont particularily like it, its too big and plain (compared to Jan and Feb blocks) but i guess as part of a quilt it will work fine.

This is the applique one from Angies Bits and Pieces called Roses in Bloom......this one is quite cute and i followed the pattern and went with the blue rose!! And finally:

The stitchery BOM called "Daffodils and Jonquils".......i didnt photograph this one really well, the colours are actually darker. Its always great to have the BOM's finished early in the month, gives me time to work on my other goals.
Big maintenance day at our house today, as tiring as it was its great to have things looking clean and tidy!!
Hope ur day was great!!

Sunday, March 11, 2007

Family Sunday

It is very rare for our family to be together on a weekend, im usually at work, so we take pleasure in spending those times together and we make the day leisurely and fun!!!........After a teeny sleep-in (9am) we all had breakfast at McDonalds and then headed out to the markets. The weather was comfortable, so it was great to walk around and poke at all the stalls. I brought this cute little coffee cup and when we got home i quickly turned it into a pincushion for the new sewing room:

The pattern is called "Apricot Silk" and i was immediatley attracted to the strong gold colours (gold is fastly becoming my favorite quilting colour and im using more and more of it lately!!) I made one of these months ago which sits next to my chair in the lounge, where i stitch each nite, and it has become very useful since we got the new leather lounge (u cant stick pins in leather lol). I also got the 2 black and gold buttons u can see in the picture.....i love interesting, textured buttons to attach my quilt hangers, so these will be perfect!!!

We then went to my MIL's where we all got stuck into cleaning her windows.....a fun family job....mix together one DH, armed with a hose and 2 children and u get squeals of delight as they have water fights lol (meanwhile im the sensible one with the bucket and the broom cleaning, although i did get wet too, thnx DH lol)

When we got home we all set about our own crafty activities..... DD is building her own online forum and its amazing what these kids can achieve (im just grateful i can post on blogger lol) but she has all the avatars and banners etc just in awe. DH and DS have been working on a wooden car. It was a kit that had to be screwed together and painted and this is what DS came up with:

DH started all the screws for him and then he tightened them all up and set about painting it. He was so thrilled with his efforts that i promised to blog a pic for him......if u could see his smile and those dimples!!!!

I got some more loggies done (im over the 100 mark!!!) and then got my last BOM for March ready for applique, which im doing tonite.

A great relaxing family day for us on this long weekend.

Back to stitching!!!

Friday, March 9, 2007

Kids Art Quilts Complete

Strike two for March......the Kids Art quilts r complete:

Heres the one for my sewing room (and a sneak peak of the wall colour!!!!)

And here's the one for my MIL..........i actually prefer this one, but thats ok....i chose not to add a hanger cause i think this will look great on this blackwood table she has in the lounge room...........just a short post tonite, i been working all day and got the early shift tomm (and already tired lol).......long weekend here!!!

Hope u enjoy every minute!!!!

Thursday, March 8, 2007

Garden Block #8

This is Block number 8 of the Garden Quilt, titled "Weeding the Garden":

Now weeding is a task i must do again in the next few weeks, before it gets too cold. The Jasmine plant, is right outside by sewing room window, so when i move in, i can open the window and enjoy the fragrance. It is just massive and shades the room, right where i plan on putting my sewing cabinet.

I have spent the last few days quilting the Kids Art Quilts, working, looking after the house, my patient and supportive family and then stitching at night..........the bindings on the quilts are on and im just stitching them to the backs, add some hangers and i can strike another goal off my March list!!!!

Maddi had a school excursion today and had a wonderful day..........Cohen didnt have such a great day, he had a little "tiff" with one of the boys in his class (he wanted to spend some time alone and the other little boy kept sitting next to him and annoying him .......oh dear) it broke my heart to see him upset but i guess this is all a part of growing up and interacting with other children. We sat down and had a talk with him and he seemed happier by the time he went to bed.

Well tommorrows Friday and i gotta work..........and Fridays r always busy!!!!.......ill take comfort in knowing that waiting for me at home r my wonderful family and my craft!

Happy sewing!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2007


Today i had to make a delivery of 9 of my patterns to the local quilt shop. i know i rave about my designs from time to time so here they r:

We have the "Family Melody" pattern, which is a sheet of music with a family quote, the "Library Bag" again with a family quote and the "Family Recipe" with sweet ingredients for a happy family.
I must say i was extremley proud of myself today, i went to the quilt shop, she paid me for my patterns.........and i didnt buy anything!!!!.........i just turned around and walked out, tempted as i was to buy something, but i treated this as business lol (and how can u make money if u spend it as soon as u get it lol).
Today was spent doing housework and groceries and then sewing some "loggies" and then finally tackling the quilting on the kids art quilts. I feel so overwhelmed at the moment, i have so many projects on the im determined to finish the art quilts in the next 2/3 days!!! Why cant i just work on one project at a time???........why do i end up with so many UFO's???.......time for drastic measures, nothing new till i get myself organised!!!
Im feeling much more relaxed machine quilting the art quilts and its great practice for the Angel Quilt, which BTW is next on my list!!!!
Hope ur day was great!!!

Monday, March 5, 2007

Scarf Completed

Tonite i have crossed one of my goals for March off the list, and I love doing that!!! The scarf I was knitting for Maddi, is now complete!!

Well i think thats my knitting experience for 2007......ill just stick to stitching and quilting!!! She is really happy with it and it enhances her colourings (so the colour was a great choice) and for once Im totally organised and have made her one before winter lol
Ive been busy tonite (after work) packaging up my patterns to deliver tommorrow......ive sold 9 more and Im excited!!! To think there are people out there stitching something i have designed is extremley humbling.
It is really cold here tonite and the smell of smoke is so thick in the air, u can actually taste it......its so scary!! we have had extremley bad bushfires down here but this fire seems really close. There was thick black smoke earlier tonite, but that seems to have cleared........thank goodness for late nite TV, i think i might stay up for awhile longer and check out the blogs.
Happy sewing!!!

Sunday, March 4, 2007

A Perfect Gift

This weekend we had a much loved visit from Auntie Vicki (DH's cousin). Cohen and I went and picked her up from the airport Friday afternoon, which was fun!!! We had lunch there and then waited for her flight to land. Unfortunatley i had to work most of the weekend, but we did all have dinner tonight which was a great time for chatting and laughing. She has been staying at my MIL and it has been great for her to have the company.
We had planned to all have Xmas (last year) together, but due to circumstances she and her family were unable to come over. We had planned to get over to her earlier this year, but it didnt this weekend was a special treat!!!
We exchanged our Xmas pressies this weekend and she gave me this great quilting calendar:

It starts with a quilt..........then each day has the pattern to make the blocks......then another quilt etc etc..........i havent counted but im guessing there r 20 quilt patterns all with directions!!!

She knows me sooooo well!!! The kids enjoyed exchanging the "belated" presents as well. There gifts where not lost in the Xmas hype. My calendar is going in my sewing room, when it is finished ( and BTW my DH has been busily working at reparing the ceiling and all else that needed doing, this weekend, so all i have to do is finish painting 1 and a bit walls and that ceiling, get carpet, and then i can move March goal will be achieved!!!!)
It has truly been a special weekend.........the perfect gift........a visit from Vicki ( cant wait till u move back here babe!!!)........hope ur weekend has been special.
Happy quilting!!!

Friday, March 2, 2007

Angel Quilt

One of my goals for March is to finally complete my Angel Quilt:

I started this quilt about 2 years ago and as u have probably figured out by now, im great at completing the tops then i seem to shelve them and move onto the next project without doing the quilting.........this month i will!!!!! This is an Annie Downs design (same designer as my Garden quilt) and its just lovely.......every angel has a story (the pattern book itself is just a treasure to read).......ill introduce u to some of my favorites:

Charlotte the Shopper................

Best Friends Zoe and Prudence.............

Hettie the Hat Shop Owner....................

Now i know this quilt has been "done to death" here in hangs is almost every craft shop, because its a great design..........i have seen so many variations. The original pattern was made in soft pastel florals..... i chose to use the stronger country colours but i am planning on quilting it as per the pattern (which is great cause its basically straight machine quilting!!!! lol)

So i headed off this morning to get the backing, wadding and cottons. This is what ill be using:

Because of work basting will have to wait until later next week, but im all ready to begin. Ill just stitch and knit the next few days, where time allows and then ill tackle this gem!!
Happy quilting!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

The Importance Of Family

Todays post is inspired by a visit i had yesterday from this lovely gentleman who really touched my heart. He was an elderly man (he reminded me of my late grandfather) and he was searching for his grandaughter, whom he hadnt seen since she was "very little". Apparently after a bitter family break-up, her mother moved her interstate and he had not seen her since....she is now in her late 20's. His search led him to our doorstep as he was following up a lead that gave him our address as being her new residence. We have been here 19 years and did not have any knowledge of his grandaughter or of the person who gave him our address. This sweet man visibly deflated as i talked to him.........he had been so dedicated, making several trips to our home, after a 2 1/2 hr drive each way, only to find no one home to answer his questions!!! but he kept trying till i met him yesterday. I really wish i had offered to help more with his search but he seemed intent of leaving as not to bother me further.
Even now, posting this story, makes me appreciate the the relationships i have with my family. When i was born i was a 5th generation on my mothers side and a 4th generation on my fathers side, so my childhood was spent with grandmas and grandpas, great grandmothers and great grandfather and great great grandmothers. I have unique and special memories of all of them. Grandparents tend to have more time and patience and so much love to share (parents are always stressing about raising u....until they become grandparents themselves lol) There were wonderful family xmas's and family holidays......time spent on the phone just chatting......hours spent crafting or tending the garden and simple things like how my grandfather could peel an apple in one piece or how we would spend a friday nite, shelling peas ( and in my case, eating as many as i could)..........i could literally go on and on!!
Both of our children have fantastic relationships with their grandparents.......i truly believe it is an important part of growing up and when they lost their grandfather 6 months ago, Maddi spoke at his funeral, saying her goodbyes, on behalf of her and her brother, which was special!!
I truly hope this man finds his grandaughter..........they both deserve a relationship and i am so thankful for the times i have had with mine.
Back to stitching!!!!
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